• Heading for inevitable disaster.

    As global population increases, so too does the demand and consumption of limited and finite resources.
    Only China had the foresight to limit population but it seems they have bowed to public pressure and fallen in line with the rest of the world.
    Are the governments of the world turning a blind eye to the inevitable impending crisis, as they are unwilling to control population, due to the need for revenue from workers, to pay pensions and social care for the elderly?
    How much longer will they delay the inevitable, as the longer they leave it, the greater will be the burden on those who follow?
    There has been much speculation about establishing colonies on other planets - still, it seems, 'the grass is greener on the other side of the fence'!
    Please help save the World for our children.

  • Mankind has done more damage to this planet than any other creature. Morally our planet is overpopulated. We have taken over and monopolized this planet.

    It is not our given right to take over and devour the wild flora and fauna of this planet. We are the intellgent caretakers and should be responsible for our population. Morally our species has an over capitalization of this beautiful planet we have no more moral right to detroy more flora or fauna. Balance is not just about sustainability it is about balancing our rights to the rights of every other creature here too. Our intelligence is a gift to be used to balance protect and presserve this planet not a weapon to be weilded by the greedy or selfish or non careing wealthy.

  • Population growth has passed sustainability

    Millions of people in the world live in poverty and contribute only to the continued destruction of the plant. Living in Africa and India has shown me that whilst nothing stops people's ability to reproduce, constructive lives are not the norm. People in cities believe that Africa is a great wilderness because that's what Hollywood tells them. The reality is that the majority of primary rainforest in Africa is gone, and there is a population explosion in progress of uneducated and hopeless people, who will soon be on a boat to Italy. Nobody has the will to do anything about it. How do you tell people that have nothing how to live their lives?

  • There are too many people that pull from the system.

    I believe the world is over populated with people who do not contribute and are a pull on resources. There are people who use food stamps, but not enough people who garden for their own food. There are people who use drugs and use government money in rehabilitation programs. While all of these people are in need to some extent, they need to help themselves because too many people on the plant are doing the same thing.

  • Yes, but only in some ways.

    I do believe that the world is overpopulated in some ways, but it's more of a location thing. Some areas have more people than can be sustained safely, and that can sometimes lead to severe poverty, malnutrition, disease, etc. Overall, the world is not overpopulated, but in some areas there is a population that is too high to be safely sustained. We should try to share resources from the areas of the world that have enough.

  • The world is overpopulated.

    Many major cities and areas of the world are overpopulated. Many couples have more than two children, which would be the amount to keep the population steady, in theory. Thus the world is becoming more and more populated and in places such as Mexico City, and in China, there is a lot of overpopulation.

  • It is not over-populated because

    We are more than capable of providing food for 700 Billion people, forget 7 Billion, that's nothing, we need to stop this poor us state that no one is really doing anything about and embrace our world, work to eliminate hunger and appreciate all human life equally.

    The people who believe the world is overcrowded live their life behind a computer screen getting their their news from the usual doomsday news shows.

  • The world is not over populated

    There maybe a lot of cities out there that may be over populated with people but the planet itself is not overpopulated. The earth has plenty of space and areas that are under populated with lots of potential to be a great area to live in. The world has plenty of space for everyone.

  • No, overpopulation is not a problem

    Malthusian cries of overpopulation are nothing new, but dire predictions of global catastrophe never come true. The planet is extremely large, and the entire world's population could fit in the state of Texas with about the same population density as New York City. Innovations will allow us to support the world's projected population growth with little trouble. Finally, as population growth tends to decline as nations grow wealthier, the projected peak for the world's population is not far off.

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