Do you believe the WTC Muslim Center should have been opened in September 2011 near Ground Zero?

  • Yes, I think the WTC Muslim Center should have been opened in September 2011 near Ground Zero.

    I think that we should not be punishing the entire Muslim Race for the actions that a few radicals took on that day, Muslims in general are peaceful and they should be allowed to open any center that they wish as long as they follow all appropriate rules and regulations.

  • Yes, the WTC Muslim Center sends an important message about the United States.

    Allowing the Muslim Center to open near ground zero sends the message that Americans recognize that Islam is not the problem. One of the primary goals of Osama bin Ladin was to provoke an American response that would fracture their alliances in the Middle East. He hoped that even if he could not convince the Americans that the Saudis were their enemies, he could incite the Americans to invade a Muslim country and the Saudis would decide that the Americans were their enemies. The Muslim Center is a testament to the strenght of continued American alliances with Muslim nations.

  • Yes, its their right as Americans.

    Yes, the WTC Muslim Center,should have opened in September 2011. The center had nothing to do with the attack of 911,and should have every right to build where they want. I think it's a good thing that the center is their because it remind s us to be kind to everyone.

  • It is a free contry

    The United States was founded on the idea that all people are free to live as they will. The fact that a Muslim Center opened or not is besides the point. People should be able to do things without reproach that is clearly not harmful to others. Maybe this wasn't the most tactful situation in which to open this Center but it was their right to do so and it should not be critisized.

  • No way ever

    I think that building a ground zero mosque a small distance from the 9/11 attacks is offensive. To do such a thing to the victims of 9/11 is a insult and not wanting a mosque built there isn't discrimination! It is only a show of respect for the 9/11 victims.

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