• Yes, I think ethnic reasons are to blame

    The ethnic conflicts are at an all time high, some of it is government,but ethnic reasons are at fault here..There iis clashes amongst the the social and racail classes in Bulgaria. If you look at the Olympian who was run down by a well known gypsy alcohol boss, it only proves the points. Its going to need to be fixed soon, its becoming another Ireland.

  • Bulgaria is a country suffering for many reasons

    Bulgaria is one of the worst countries in Europe from an economic standpoint. They will continue to struggle until they attack some of their major issues. Issues for Bulgaria involve ethnic concerns from a migrant and cultural stance, along with economic obstacles they still need to overcome in order to progress.

  • Yes, there are ethnic reason for the clashes in Bulgaria.

    Yes, there are ethnic reason for the clashes in Bulgaria. Ethnic issues are a driving force for most clashes around the world for any incident. As for Bulgaria, the ethnic differences is visible in how they are acting and fighting. If they could get rid of the ethnic issues between them, the clashing would stop and they would go back to a more settled existence.

  • Yes there is

    Yes, I think that the whole reason people are having clashes their is over the different ethnic groups, who have different religious beliefs and have faith in different things. This makes them have different tradition, and means that these clashes are going to happen over and over throughout the countries history.

  • It's About The Government

    I do not believe there are ethnic reasons for the clashes in Bulgaria. I believe this is happening solely due to the fact that a large majority has found fault with the government. I believe we've seen a break in this with breaking news of new elections, which is a step in the right direction.

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