Do you believe there are purposes for filibusters (yes) or do you believe filibusters only stall the Senate (no)?

  • There Are Purposes

    Filibusters is something that has been a part of our government since the beginning and I do believe they have their time and their place. I do not believe they should be seen as a sole method to stall the Senate and I think they can be seen as far more useful than that.

  • Filibusters are needed

    Filibusters are very necessary in the senate. This is stated in the United States constitution and that does not need to be changed at all. The minority party can use the filibuster as a last resort it at times it can be effective if the public becomes aware of what the politician is trying to do.

  • Purpose for Filibusters

    Yes, I believe that the purpose of filibusters is to stall the senate it gives them more time to look over details and to try to come up with other ways of paying money that they should be paying.
    They will use this type of thing to prevent spending of money.

  • Yes, I believe there are purposes for filibusters.

    I believe filibusters are generally something that are meaningful, they often won't stop the passage of a bill but they do put lots of media attention on it and it comes under more examination, so generally a filibuster does achieve the purpose of letting people know that people have serious objects with a bill that is attempting to be passed.

  • No, filibusters only stalle the Senate.

    I do not think there is any purpose to a filibuster. I think all they do is stall the Senate and make people angry. I'm surprised that such tactics are still being used by some people and politicians who have no other way to stop a bill, etc. I think that such tactics are a waste of people's times.

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