• There are terrorists in Iceland

    It is my opinion that there are terrorists in Iceland because any person that commits an extreme act of violence for the purpose of creating chaos and panic can be considered a terrorist. Therefore it is likely that such people exist all over the world, and they do not necessarily have to be part of a terrorist group to be considered a terrorist.

  • Yes, I do.

    There are terrorists in every corner of the world. There will always be terrible people out there trying to hurt and cause terror to other people. This is just how the world works, that's why we have to be careful and locate these bad people and punish them for their crimes.

  • Yes, I do think so

    I think all things have to start somewhere,but do I think they are terrorists? No, I do not think they are anything that the world seriously needs to worry about. They may house some,but so does the US. They seized banks and laid ground work for future plans,but everywhere has its issues right now.

  • No, there are no terrorist in Iceland.

    I do not think there are terrorists in Iceland. I do not have any reason to believe there are terrorists in Iceland. While there is always the possibility that there are terrorists all over the world and even in such obscure places like Iceland, there is no proof that they are there.

  • It is doubtful there are terrorists in Iceland.

    Iceland is generally a relatively tranquil country free from political or religious extremism and violence. Therefore it is unlikely there are active terrorists in Iceland. The biggest risk for terrorists in Iceland would be foreigners, but thus far Iceland has managed to avoid the mass scale immigration that has brought active terrorists to countries like the United Kingdom. Therefore I would say as of now there is little change of terrorists operating in Iceland.

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