Do you believe there are too many self help books (yes) or not enough (no)?

  • More than enough

    I believe there are more than enough self help books on the market. It is funny that self help in one category has hundreds of books. All this means is no one has found the right way to do anything but people are making a lot of money off all the wrong ways.

  • There are Too Many Self Help Books

    There are definitely an excessive number of self help books circulating. These books are intended to help individuals to improve themselves and it appears that more and more individuals are becoming self help professionals, whether or not they actually possess the expertise. These books tend to say the exact same thing, with a minor twist on words. There are way too many self help books and considering that more are being written can be an indicator that they are not working in the first place.

  • If most of them worked, we wouldn't need so many, right?

    I'm not implying that self-help books shouldn't exist. Some actually are very insightful and can help certain people. But, many of them are just written to be trendy and are part of current fads. If you notice, most people who read self-help books don't just read one or two, but have a large collection of them. So, if the majority of self-help books were actually effective, then doesn't it seem like they wouldn't feel the need to continue to buy them?

  • No, I believe there is not enough self help books.

    No, I believe there needs to be more self help books. People are always and will always be in need of a little help. Like everything in life, there is not a one size fits all concept with self help books. Every person needs something a little different to help motivate or inspire themselves. So to have more variety means only a greater chance of fitting people perfectly.

  • Quantity Doesn't Matter

    I do not believe there is such a thing as too many books. While I have to agree it seems like a lot of self help books are published and available for purchase, that doesn't indicate that there are too many. Self help books can cover all kinds of topics and each one can serve a different means.

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