• It's very odd

    Many country's are losing money now but other country's are gaining like china. We of coarse are losing tons of money and oil tycoons are saying drilling more will bring up jobs and money which is a lye cause it's only helping them plus the jobs will be like 500 and not really help anything. Media is also lying bribed by the1 percent like always to keep wealth.

  • Yes, there is definately a global financial crisis.

    With all the things to worry about right now, there is definitely a global financial crisis. The cost of living is very high. Many people, despite working multiple jobs, still have a hard time living. Then you add how much food costs, and it hurts even worse. Many governments are out spending money in ways that are unnecessary, and its hurting everyone, including citizens.

  • Global Crisis Among Us

    There is a global crisis among us, however the Republicans will not extend financial federal benefits to those who have been unemployed long-term. President Obama agreed to extend federal unemployment benefits, but they expired. Without money to put back into our community via retail markets, supermarkets, etc. we will get further in debt.

  • The finance of the world is falling

    There are only a few countries in the world, I feel, that will not fall within a financial crisis. With the U.S. and its import problems, China with its expert problems, and the E.U. supporting people other than themselves, the finance of the world will crumble. With all the major players in debt, what would you think?

  • There's too much growth in too many places to speak of a global financial crisis.

    While there are clearly some local economic doldrums in parts of the world, there's unquestionable growth in much of the world, especially in certain parts of the developing world. A global financial crisis would require that much more of the world to be in a decline. We were there not long ago, but it doesn't describe the way things are now.

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