Do you believe there is a link between suicidal tendencies and social media bullying ?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • Of course there is a link

    When not having to see the person face to face it is much easier to bully them or say much more harsh things which results in things seeming more painful. Once you're cyber-bullied, you get a different feeling than if you were to be bullied in person. You feel so much smaller compared to the world and you feel alone and like nothing matters anymore. After cyber-bullying cases, people tend to be more scared of facing these people in school because its easier for other people to join. No one seems to think that since its not in school they can't get in trouble. Once the victim feels like this they want to end it right then and there, not thinking clearly about who else it would affect or what may happen afterwards

  • Yes i believe there is a link

    There is so many cases that young people attempt suicide.According to the statistic there are 4,400 teen suicide per year.And these suicide rate seems to increase doubled.Before the influence of technology we don't have so high suicide rate.This is a very shocking facts!It seems online bullying is very dangerous.OH MY GOD.

  • The answer is both yes and no.

    The question is far to vague to answer properly, there are many different causes for the rise in teen suicide and online bullying probably is one of them, however it's not the underlying issue.
    Social media is partly to blame for the romanticizing of suicide by teens, however the main reasons behind the rise is the deterioration of the economy and the unequal wealth distribution. In hard financial times kids get less attention from their parents, the quality of education deteriorates and the number of divorces rise. This leads more and more kids to spend way too much time on their own in front of a computer.
    There has always been bullying, now it's just moved online.......

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