• Shame is a part of the educational system.

    There is a place for shame in the education system. Kids need to know when they have done wrong, and they need to be punished for it. The simplest form of punishment is shaming the children. It is used to instil a sense of guilt and remorse in a child for a wrongdoing.

  • Shame In The Education System

    I personally think that there is any place for shame in the education system because the education system has some things to work as far as working hard to make education a success. I personally think that there is any place for shame in the education system because education is important.

  • Yes, fear of shame can be a great motivator

    Yes, shame should be used for students who are too unruly. I think this should be a last resort because it can be damaging to a person's self-esteem. However, there are some kids who are just too uncontrollable. They disrupt classes and don't listen to the teachers that try to get them under control. In those cases, I think it would be good for teachers to have something to use that might help get these kids under control. They may not care about detention but perhaps will care about their peers' opinion of them.

  • Shame and guilt are NOT synonymous.

    Shame is linked to identity (self), guilt is linked to action or inaction (behavior). Is there a place for guilt in education (as there is in life)? Sure...When a student does something that is incorrect, it is the behavior that should make them feel guilty (e.G., "I did a bad thing") and keep them from doing it again. Is there a place for shame? No way. When a student does something incorrect, shaming their identity (e.G., "I am a bad person") is a disastrous mistake too often made.

  • No, shaming and education do not do well together.

    Learning is something that people ought to do because they like it, and there is no worse way to turn a person away from an activity than shaming them about it. The educational system should be free of any elements of shame. An education should be openly offered and freely accepted. It should be seen as a choice, not an obligation. I realize we need a way to measure progress in learning, so grading seems inevitable, but causing a person to have negative feelings about themselves is not conducive to a good learning environment. People often self-shame, deciding they are no good at something, and so setting themselves up for failure. The more we can avoid elements of shaming, the better our education system will be.

  • No There Isn't

    I do not believe there is any place for shame in the education system. Shame isn't something one human or organization should push on an individual. Shame is a powerful psychological factor that can harm a person for years to come. It's not a healthy emotion to try and emanate in another.

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