Do you believe there is something signifigantly different between the human brain and primates' brains?

  • Yes: There is A Significant Difference (sort of)

    Humans are actually considered primates, and therefore the question technically is nonsensical. But it is clear the question is referring to humans versus apes, monkeys, and the like. Indeed, there must be a significant difference in brains, even if genetic differences are minimal. The case need not be made with morphological comparisons, but rather, with differences in behavior. This alone give adequate qualitative data to suggest a significant difference.

  • Yes, there is something different between the brains of a human and primate.

    I think that humans and primates have something significantly different when it comes to their brains. I think it is only logical to think so. Humans are clearly more advanced when it comes to intelligence and how we behave. Our environments are clear cases of the differences betwen the two species.

  • Intelligence Is Clearly Different

    I don't know much about biology but I would have to assume there is something significantly different between the human brain and the primates brain. After all these creatures don't talk, not like us anyway. I think there is a clear difference in intelligence and I think most common people could agree on this.

  • No difference as far as I am concerned.

    No, I believe human brains and primates' brains are essentially the same. We have seen that primates can be taught, either through repetition or rewards, just as humans. Primates show much the same emotions as humans when it comes to bonding and their families. The only real difference is we can speak and we are a few years further ahead on the evolutionary path.

  • We're not that smart.

    No, I do not believe that there is something significantly different between the human brain and primates' brain, because we are not as smart as we think we are. Primates are very intelligent. They communicate with each other, and they have feelings. We should not be so arrogant to think we are much different.

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