• Yes I think they should be role models.

    I think they should be role models because they give kids hope. They give them something they can aspire too. Now I know that people say that some athletes take steroids. Yeah ok that's their decision but, this allows the kids to work harder to be even better. This is my opinion on this debate.

  • Yes, the more the better

    Yes, it would be wonderful if more athletes realized that they are being looked at as role models, whether they like it or not. Young people, especially kids, want to be like their favorite sports stars. Athletes, as well as other popular public figures, should understand the big responsivibility they have and act accordingly.

  • More Athletes Role Models

    I personally think it should be more athletes that are role models because the athletes should lead by example and be more role models showing other individuals that they accomplished being an athlete and so can others wanting to be an athlete. I personally think that it should be more athletes that are being more athletes.

  • yes there should

    Yes, I think that more athletes should be role models. Athletes keep a very healthy lifestyle, with a lot of exercise and training, and I think that they could help out a lot of people here in the US, since we have a huge problem with obesity and being lazy.

  • Athletes make horrible role models

    Athletes being role models creates unrealistic expectations. Children who admire athletes automatically think that they can emulate that athlete. This is without considering the talent and dedication required to achieve such a high level of competition. Athletes often do great work within the community. This is what the focus should be on. However, even while doing this work the focus of everyone around them is how fast or strong or skilled they are, and how they want to emulate that. The expectation is too much to achieve.

  • Not all their Job

    It would be nice if their were more athletes who were role models. The fact of the matter is it is up to us to teach our kids right and wrong. It sure does help though, when society has people's back. We live in a society that it is mostly everyone for themselves though. If people want to change this mindset, then they need to change the culture of how we do business.

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