Do you believe there will be another Mexican-American War in the near future?

  • Military Buildup on the border

    Many people seem to be assuming that Mexico will instigate a war; however, It would appear at this time that, Out of fear of uncontrolled immigration, The United States may be willing to do so. Recently, The White House has authorized a buildup of American troops on the southern border from 800 to 5, 000. Shortly afterward, The number was changed from 5, 000 to 14, 000 troops, With an additional 7, 000 on standby. Those troops will be kitted out with live ammunition, In an attempt to deter a currently incoming caravan of immigrants, And any future ones. I shudder to think what may happen if any of those troops open fire on what is largely a group of tired, Unarmed civilians.

  • Does the Wall or War? The Mexican Dilema

    Waiting military confrontation, it indicates the possibility that Mexico could become Iraq or Vietnam for America. The difference from previous wars is that there is now a huge Hispanic population in those territories which, eventually, will have to be redefined to determine the course of the conflagration. The fact is that now, unlike in the past, thanks to the population there emigrante- a remarkable geographical progress within US territory. The penetration of the US space leaves translucir that the conflict would be internal, such a conflict to the Civil War that almost succeeded in the absence of the Yankee Empire. Samuel Huntington was right when he saw in every Hispanic spearhead of mexicanidad claiming revenge. And the situation has been, is and will be. As the main cause of the American Civil War Is there a slave who does not want revenge? America has lost the war against Hispanidad. No more skirmishes as the Alamo or Columbus. Cities like New York, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta and several dozen have a second Spanish side that is crouching in front of the WASP decline. The twentieth century was the US opportunity to regenerate his neighbor and violent offender, time passed and the Hispanidad advances as scrum. The American defeat, as they have assimilated their own neoconservative intellectuals, is cultural; but it is a capitulation without possibility of reversal. US would I act as did Russia in Ossetia, Chechnya and Crimea to protect your living space? Is the crisis of Enlightenment thought in the Anglo-Saxon culture shows the spread of modernity in Latin American institutions and values? Who is to blame for that within North America has more Latino drug cartels that terrorist groups? Are you ready United States to face an alliance between Muslim terrorism and Latin American drug trafficking within their own country? The likely Mexican-American conflagration as civil war, are the result of an infamous slavery and ambition.
    A war between Mexico and the United States can generate a change in the global geopolitical correlation of power. The decline of the West shows that humanity can do without, as it has done, the enlightened thinking to cope with his life.
    The more streamlined North America the problems of its southern neighbor, is spread most of its political perversion. The Mexican political class, under US protection, has only played mirreyes, ladies and Porkys, ie chiefs who go to college or narcojuniors. If the United States continues to allow corruption, authoritarianism and drug trafficking abound in Mexico because that makes it easier to buy drugs, cheap labor and natural resources for economic growth, then, that support the coexistence of a monster that consent and legitimizing .
    Integration has been costly for the neighbor to the north and Mexico will continue, perhaps for several centuries with a civilizational gap whose responsibility lies in the elites and their role to monitor democratic processes and public policy.

  • A US-Mexican war is possible.

    Since there is a claim, not official I think, of the lost Mexican land from the Mexican-American war of 1846. It was an utter failure and humiliating loss due to Santa Ana's, cheif of state and self proclaimed dictator of Mexico, decissions to open the texan border to anglo-americans. Apart from that, in reality Mexico and the US are culturally enemies. My theory is that Mexico is doing a "invasion" of the southwest US by sending poor people in look for jobs and smuggling drugs over the border to take control of the American narcotics business, but that is a whole diferent story. It's true that americans are sick of illegal Mexican immigrants crossing the southern US border to look for a better life or to bring crime, the thing is, race would definetly be a factor for the hate againts Mexico in the a US-Mexican war, interestingly the same factor (manifest destiny) used in the Mexican-American war of 1846.

    I belive if Mexico had the chance, they would and will invade the southwest of the united states without remorse, remembering their awfull loss and humiliating military loss. Me myself as a Spaniard living in Europe, and great hispanic heritage our brother Mexico holds, I would support the Mexican side of the war.

    However, today, if there were to be a US-Mexican war the conduct of this war would be better for the US, since they have a lot of support, media and what not and, tecnology and weapons that increases their military power, they will have a much better chance of winning to Mexico.

    Regards Francisco G. Aria

  • US take-over of former Mexican-territory looks eerily similar to what is happening now. Illegal immigration by Anglos in Texas is what led to the Mexican-American-War.

    With immigration many area of the SouthWest are becoming Mexican majorities. It is funny how history is repeating itself in reverse. The national borders of the US have changed throughout history. The US won't always be a super-power forever i.e. UK, USSR, etc... Once that happens (government default, major foreign war, etc...), Mexico maybe a economically better place to live than the US. Ethnic Mexicans may want to rejoin Mexico. War will likely happen by the US to prevent this loss of territory. A lot of wars are fought over inter-ethnic conflict. We are not immune.

  • Yes, I believe this will happen.

    I believe there will be a Mexican-American war in the near future, but I believe it will be motivated by different reasons than the original one. I can see war being urged by drug lords and cartels in order to get the main focus off of their activities for a while. I believe the next altercation will be instigated by the cartels, but will be based on racism and immigration.

  • War could be near

    There could be another Mexican American war in the near future because there is much tension between the illegal immigrants that want to come to this country, and the citizens of America that do not want the Mexicans come here and become legal. The leaders of Mexico are inflaming the situation.

  • Mexico is not prepared to war with America.

    While there may be some posturing in the future over the border and immigration laws, no war is possible between Mexico and the US. The best Mexico could really do is open their borders to some other country and partner up for the invasion. Even that is not a wise move. Texas has a large population of military and the equipment to support them. Ground assets would be mobilized within hours of an invasion. The next problem would be the air assets from Colorado and Louisiana. These as well would be mobilized and geared up within hours. There just is no smart way to invade from Mexico.

  • No there will not be.

    Mexico and the USA are now good trade partners. The economies are very intertwined. There will be no war mainly because Mexico knows that it in no way can defeat the USA. It will be an extrememly one sideded war. Therefore Mexico will always take backseat to the USA and give into demands.

  • Trade is more important than anything else.

    The amount of economic activity between the US and Mexico is far more important than any minor quibbles over border security, immigrants, drugs, or other issues. The shear economic disruptivesness of a war that suddenly turns an extremely long land border into a shooting gallery makes the chances of such an outcome incredibly slim.

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