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  • Apples and Oranges

    Climate change and terrorism are two completely different things. Now when the terrorists start using groundbreaking technology to control the weather then they will be linked but as of now there is nothing out there that suggests these two have anything in common. One is a force of nature and the other is a force of human nature.

  • Climate change and terrorism are mutually exclusive

    Climate change has nothing to do with terrorism. Terrorism is borne out of a deep will to seek revenge on those one somehow believes has wronged, or gone against the will of God. The terrorist takes on the position of judge, jury and executioner. Climate change, on the other hand, is a change on earth due to global warming, which in turn leads to catastrophic weather anomalies.

  • Climate Change and Terrorism are Unrelated

    In my opinion there is no concrete sign that points to the fact that there is even the most remote link between climate change and terrorism. While we are all scared to death by terrorists and most of us fear the effects of climate change as well, I think it is definitely grasping at straws to attempt to connect the two.

  • Doesn't Make Sense

    I don't think there is any link between climate change and terrorism. I don't see anything that would link the two. I believe that climate change is something that is happening due to the environmental damage that humans have caused, and I believe that terrorism is people who have extreme beliefs. I do not see that one is relevant to the other.

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