Do you believe there's an everyone-is-a-winner mentality that is just ruining what used to be good about our society?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Yes it has.

    My brother used to be in little league, and one of the years he was on a losing team. Despite how bad they did, they all ended up getting trophies. I thought that that was bullsh!T because they didn't do anything to deserve it. The next year the same thing happened, except that he was on a winning team. The way I see it, society's basically lying to people, telling them they're winners when they're actually losers. I've seen some of those kids become arrogant little snobs rubbing their trophies in each others faces. Plus, the whole everyone's-a-winner thing sucks for the people who do win and deserve the trophies, because their trophies are the same as the losers'. So their win means absolutely nothing. Society's gotta be straightforward and honest.

  • The everyone-is-a-winner mentality has clasped onto to the alleged elites

    America has been a country pumped on the drug of mediocrity. It is promoted from the top to the bottom through the Internet and Television. Elected officials, celebrities, and all other so-called "elites" in American society are mediocre compared to what America used to be. The mediocrity has been shoved down kids throats without no shame at all. Kids are taught to look up to Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Miley Cyrus. Kids are only learning how to twerk and behave like an invalid from these no talent hacks. Kids should be learning from Jacob Barnett, Cody Wilson, and Farrah Gray. They should learn how to do things that matter. But instead they are trained to be professional namby-pambies. That is how we got the Occupy Movement. All too often we are taught to expect a lot with so little effort in today's time. That is a shame. Let us stop promoting the mediocre and incapable. Instead let us promote the learned, refined, and elite(the capable).

  • Mediocrity is a norm today

    We see it in our schools and our country. Reason I ask is because I saw a "Seinfeld" episode -- "The Apartment" to be exact, where the girl, after George self-proclaims himself, with a famous line, "lord of the idiots," says, "You're all winners." And George says, "But suddenly a new contender has arrived." Which leads me to ask, lol, is this really what the majority act like now?

  • Without a doubt

    Everyone is a winner is not beneficial to development of children or adults as its not true, you have winners and losers in every aspect of life. The only difference is that if you are a winner you do not have to be arrogant about it, but rather use your position to help others. Would life not be great if we lived in a perfect society.

  • "Everyone is a winner" is bunk.

    When people are rewarded for doing for nothing, then they don't have to try hard to "succeed." Most people are smart enough to realize that the reward is meaningless. Competition is necessary for society to improve. Removing the need for competition can be disastrous. How can society work when no one has to work hard? Remember December 25th, 1991?

  • It is ridiculous

    Blame the hippies and feminism for this. Calling everyone a winner is harmful to our children and severely unrealistic. Children go into their adult lives expecting victory in every situation. You don't get a trophy for messing up in real life, you get fired or punished. We shouldn't teach and encourage mediocrity and call it winning. Giving a child a trophy just for playing is harmful and a way to mask the harshness of life. Who succeeds in real life, people who try and achieve or those who fail?

  • Not everyone is a winner

    When your little (5 below) it's ok for everyone to be winner, but after that kids need to know when they don't win. They need to be able to cope with lose/failure and to use it to motivate them. Faliure motivates us. When we don't do what we set out to do, or are beat by someone better it motivates us to do better. If everyone is a winner and then there is not reason to try harder, no matter how much i suck i still win right?

  • Thank you parents

    That mentality was never good to begin with. Kids, as they grow, are never introduced to the idea of losing, failing, not being a winner, being inadequate, not being good enough, so they go trough life unprepared, and the first time life hits them in the face they can't handle it, i found that out the harsh way. Kids need to be prepared, and the adults who buy into that mentality later in life, and just.....Wow

  • Makes the word "winner" meaningless

    The word "winner" carries no weight meaning or value is everyone is a "winner". It's like what the villain says in the Incredibles "when everyone's special no one is."

    Sometimes it's important to acknowledge you are a "loser" that doesn't mean you must be forever and ever, it means get off your a$$ and work at it and become a winner.

  • There are winners and losers in life

    If we are told as kids that everyone is a winner then later on in life we are in for a rude awakening. People do better in life than other. There is only one person that is going to get the job at the job interview. One person that is going to "win". If we aren't prepared for that when we are younger how are we going to cope with failure when we are older?

  • I don't even believe that we have an everybody wins society.

    First of all, I would like to point out that I do not believe the phrase that is used in this debate in the first place. Throughout life, whatever age or background, children and even adults are taught that this is NOT an everyone wins mentality society. Starting from games when children are young. One person wins. Then, there are jobs. Not everyone gets the raise. Not everyone even gets a job in the first place. Not everyone makes the college they want.
    It is also important to point out that everyone is capable to a certain extent. I am in a high school program where we had to test in to make it. However, I know people who did not make it. They were not capable of passing the tests, even if they did want to go to this school badly. I know people who stayed at the regular high school, not taking the test to enter into this school at all, taking regular classes. Not everyone has the capability to go beyond. That is the diversity this country needs. Not everyone can get into Harvard. Not everyone can get the boss role. Being mediocre is not what this country is about. There is a variety of people. People like me, striving to do their best and go beyond. Others striving more than I am. That does not make me mediocre. The kids who at the average public school. Is what they are doing bad? Of course not! They are taking the average class where they learn, and where they fit and are capable of.

  • Well, when I see the person explaining about the "horrors' of mediocrity with a Seinfeld episode,

    I, too scratch my head. I don't think the goal is to make ever person 'think' they are a over achieving success, I think the goal is NOT to use degradation, humiliation, demoralization, limitations, and other obvious differences to make a 'child' or person feel there is no point to aspire to do the best THEY can do. Not everyone is a college potential, but they may be a damn good brick layer. And without someone to lay bricks, then where are you going to sit your judgmental a**? What the 'yes' person fails to realize is that hey displayed how extraordinarily limited they are. They have no vision, no humanity, no aspirations to make the world better. They just want to be angry, scrunched up and bitter like the mom that shot them out and did not inspire anything but hate. I had a patient with crippling mental illness get a MA with a 4.0 because she was inspired and supported and mot demoralized, stigmatized, and shamed. Shame is one of the most abhorrent feelings in the world and nearly impossible to overcome if ever. And I don't like seeing little weasels like mr. Yes over there inflicting it wherever his insidious brain tells him he is somehow 'better' than anyone else.

  • There can be win-win scenarios which are more important than any other scenarios.

    Every society is based on some rule of reciprocities without which it would be impossible for it to sustain. There should be something for everybody so that they can participate willingly in the various functions of the social life. In order to achieve this we need to create a win-win scenario.

  • Losing is just as important

    People need to learn to lose every once a while, so winning legitimately will feel more satisfying. Also this mentality in question will do more harm than good, I play board games, card games and other games and lost a couple a times and didn't feel bad because I learn that you don't need to win at a young age... And those who are feed this “everyone's a winner” will not do them any good and taught that losing make them feel bad will not accept losing with dignity.

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