• Yes, thiomersal causes brain disorders

    Thiomersal has been shown in scientific study after scientific study to cause damage to the human body, including the brain resulting in all sorts of neurological damage manifesting as autism, add, adhd and others. The pharmaceutical companies often try to argue that it is safe in the levels contained in their vaccines, but this is an absurd claim since no two people have the same reaction to any substance. A bee sting for example may cause little problem for one person, while another person could die from anaphylactic shock. Thiomersal can cause brains damage and should not be internalized.

  • not at all

    No, I do not think that this is what causes these brain disorders in the children of today. I think that these disorders come from something going wrong in the pregnancy, and that it messes the brain up and causes the kid to come out without the normal brain function.

  • No, I don't think it does

    The disorders existed well before thiomersal was evident.You can't blame anti fungal compounds for a disorder or a condition that has existed well before they used it. It could be many different other factors, in which are yet to be overlooked. They have to write a conclusive study on it before I believe it.

  • No, it does not.

    While there are a lot of contributing factors to autism and other brain disorders in today's world, from pollution and processed foods to additives and stress, thiomersal is not one of them. It actually has medicinal properties and there is no evidence linking it to autism. I could be wrong, but as of now, I'm not convinced.

  • No it doesn't.

    No, I do not believe that thiomersal causes autism or any other type of brain disorder in children. The vast majority of scientific evidence shows that it does not lead to autism. Parents who buy into the thiomersal hoax actually cause their children harm by not getting them vaccinated. They cause harm to the children who are too young to get vaccinated too.

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