• I believe Title IX is still necessary to a certain extent

    When it comes to the argument about the sports and how title IX impacts both men and women I feel like to a certain extent it should be kept in place. For one point they say they are cutting mens teams instead of adding more. Just like they shouldn't deny or take away the sports from the women I think they shouldn't do it for the men either, But with this being said they also need to treat the womens sports and teams as they do the men. Recently a video that was circling around showed what the womens gym looked like compared to the mens gym, Not only that but the table of food they were given was far less than what they had provided for the men and that is a big reason for why Title Ix should stay in place, So that the women can get the same treatments as the men.

  • It is necessary

    There are still recent cases that individuals from universities have filed a lawsuit because the university is not in compliance. I'm sure a lot of schools are not, its just the matter of someone coming forward. The law still is necessary because it gives people something to fall back on.

  • Yes I think title 9 is nessacary

    It isn't fair for women to have opportunities as men cause maybe there working as hard and it is just there gender that is stoping them from have these opportunities so I think that it is nessacary so they can at least have a chance at what men have too...If that makes any sence...

  • Yes Title IX is still necessary

    Title IX is still necessary because there are still inequalities in sports and other fields in which women are discriminated or not provided the same entitlements that men sports have access to. Until women receive the same recognition and rewards in collegiate sports, Title IX should continue to be enforced.

  • Yes, I think Title IX is still necessary.

    I don't think women sports have enough of a following that if Title IX was abolished then the majority of colleges would likely stop supporting woman's sports, I think Title IX needs to stay in place until women's sports become popular enough to sub stain themselves or until enough time has gone by where it becomes clear they will never be.

  • I believe Title IX is still necessary.

    I believe Title IX is still necessary. Title IX is a piece of legislation which seeks to provide equal opportunity between males and females in the participation in college sports. I believe women are still discriminated against in the field of sports and that male sports are given considerable more attention and funding than female sports.

  • Title IX is necessary

    Title IX is obviously still necessary. What makes it so obvious is that people are still violating it. No civil rights law is ever truly obsolete as long as people are still violating it. The only way to truly render a civil rights law obsolete is to create a new one that encompasses it, or all concerns for civil rights are removed.

  • It's not just about sports

    TIX support for female athletes is fine. While very few people give a flip about girls sports, And they cost more than they can possibly generate in revenues, It's still not a terrible idea to support and encourage female athletics. The real problem with TIX is the Pandoras box of false sexual assault claims it has opened. In an effort to comply with the Obama Era interpretation of the law, Schools are trampling the rights of boys accused of misconduct. Colleges consistently have more girls than boys enrolled. How can an argument be made that their access to education is somehow limited due to assault? Remove sexual assault consideration from tix or abolish it all together

  • This law is unnecessary

    I`m about to go into high school and there isn`t even a mens bowling team. I want to go to college for bowling but I can`t even do it in high school. There is a womens team which is completely unfair. The law was needed before but now it is harming many peoples futures in sports, even womens. There has to be an equal number of sports for each sex. This law should be removed.

  • Title IX is hurting

    Back when this law was passed by Richard Nixon, this law was necessary. Women athletes were unappreciated and it was very discriminated in the sports universe. Now it's 2015. This law that was passed all those years ago, is no longer beneficial to our society. Instead, now it is hurting us. Title IX restricts new sports from being added for example lacrosse and wrestling. Both those sports have a shown huge participation growth at all levels, especially high school. That leaves so many good lacrosse players, with no college to go to. With so few places with a well funded Div 1 or Div 2 program, many students miss out of the college student-athlete experience. This is because Title IX. It takes a lot of money to start up a new sport at a school. Now double that cost to pay for a womens and mens team. This extra money deters many schools from adding new sports which would only help the university. Not to mention, there are far more high school male athletes than women athletes.

  • Title IX is not helping.

    I believe that Title IX is no longer helping any one in this day in time. Yes it still helps women, but what everyone is over looking, is the damage it is doing to the men's sports teams. Title IX is causing schools to have to cut funding for men's sports groups. Women's sports teams don't have a big enough pull in a school system compared to men's sports groups.

  • Title IX is Not Necessary any more (i am a girl)

    “The program [Title IX] has transformed into having the reverse effect on men’s sports. Which have experienced budget cuts or have had their programs eliminated altogether.” Title IX is a law that states “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.” Title IX was a great law for 20 some years, but now it is doing more damage to school run sports than good.
    Some people believe that Title IX is not necessary anymore. I agree with this because Title IX is forcing schools to have more girl sports teams than boy sports teams, so girls and boys have the same funding. This happens because if a boy football team has 60 guys and the girl team has 25, then the school will have to add more and more different girl sports to make the amount of girl player even to the boys by law. And making more girls sports teams would put out other clubs and electives. Another reason why Title IX is not necessary anymore is that if Title IX is gone than girl sports teams will go down only about 10%. I claim this because there are so many groups that supporting women’s rights like people feminists. This means that if girl sports teams go down to much, then feminists and other people will fix it. Title IX is not necessary anymore; if things go downhill the law will be put back.

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