• It is good for society

    TItle IX stopped discrimination in colleges which allowed people of all sex, race, and other nationalities be able to participate in the college. Most colleges would only allow white men, but because of Title IX, black and white women and men are allowed into colleges so as to prevent discrimination

  • Yes, I think Title IX was good for college athletics.

    I believe Title IX reduced gender discrimination in colleges and opened up them to more equality which is something we should be encouraging in society, while some will argue that female sports are not popular and colleges are wasting money on the teams, I believe as time goes by they will slowly snowball into popularity.

  • I think Title IX was good for college athletics

    One of the benefits of Title IX is that it opened the world of sports to half of the population that had previously not had an avenue to pursue college athletics. College sports benefited by having so many more practitioners. The increased participation was a good thing that continues to this day.

  • Yes, I think that Title 9 was good for college athletics.

    I think that Title 9 was good for college athletics. When Title 9 was passed, it made it better for the college community because all of a sudden, there was more of a pool of people that could go to college for an education and play sports for those universities. That is why it is only logical to say that it was good for athletics in college.

  • Unfair to men’s sports

    Title IX was originally fine but the radical interpretations under Clinton is what led to it being unfair. During the Clinton admin it was interpreted as complete equality (50/50) in number of athletes for male and female. This led to many male programs being cut and many athletes not being able to play. Most notably men’s gymnastics which went from 80 programs to less than 20. Simply put, There are more male athletes than female.

  • Maybe originally it was good but now it’s more harmful

    Thousands of male student athletes don’t get to compete because their programs are scrapped in order to maintain title IX status, It’s stupid in this day and age to still have it. Title 9 turned a admissions problem into a athletics problem and thus causes more harm than good today.

  • It was not fair to men's sports

    Title IX was not fair to men's sports, in terms of required balances that are now mandatory between the genders. The ideals behind Title IX were certainly noble, but it impacted men's athletics programs quite negatively, which hurts college athletics in general. Title IX should be amended or repealed for this reason

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