Do you believe tough love is an essential part of raising children?

  • Tough love is needed to raise children

    Children these days have not been exposed to the more rough parts and aspects of the world that we as adults have. They are sheltered by television and gadgets like cell phones, portable games, and even their computer screens. Because of this, they need to have some tough love now and then.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe tough love is an essential part of raising children. When I think of my childhood, I realize that my parents did not use much tough love and I feel that has hurt me in the end. I love my child very much but I often have to remind myself that I am his parent, not his friend.

  • Yes, tough love is important when raising children

    Raising children is not often a cake walk. There are unpopular decisions that must be made and the parents are the ones to make and enforce those decisions. When you love someone it means you will do what is best for them, even though sometimes it may seem unfair or unkind. Allowing children to always have their own way and make their own decisions before they are old enough to be responsible does not do them any favors.

  • Yes, tough love prepares kids for the real world

    Yes, tough love is important in raising children because it prepares them for the real world. Tough love, including letting your child make his or her own mistakes, will help a child to become a stronger individual. Learning things the hard way can help him or her to make better decisions in the future.

  • To an extent

    Tough love can mean a lot of different things. The role of the parent is to do whats good for the children. You should make decisions for them if it benefits them. But if you are using your power as a parent to control and manipulate them to do things that you know only benefits you. It should not be tolerated.

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