• Yes, toys with war themes are fine for children.

    Yes, toys with war themes are appropriate for children because war is a part of our culture. Children should acknowledge that soldiers and guns exist and that they exist to provide protection. Furthermore, many adults grew up with war-themed toys, such as G.I. Joe action figures. Passing these toys down to children should be celebrated.

  • Yes they are

    Yes, a soldier who is going to war and fighting for his country and the freedom of those in his coutry is the most heroic thing that a person can do, so there is not a thing wrong with a kid playing with a toy that is themed over war.

  • toys with war themes

    I personally agree,Yes, I believe that children are benefited by toys with war themes, because boys naturally like to play guns and play war, and what children naturally like to do should not be discouraged. In addition, Battleship is an extremely fun game, and it allows children to interact and have fun with their families.
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  • Toys with war themes for children

    I believe that children should be able to play with toys that have a war theme because the children are going to learn about war in school and it is important because they will have to understand what exactly the war was about and how things went when they are older.

  • No: War Themed Toys are Not Appropriate for Children

    Some will say that war is part of human nature. In fact, war as we understand it today, is more a product of patriarchal agricultural societies and the social stratification that comes with it. Giving children war toys does little more than serve as a tool to socially program them to accept violence, without teaching them about the complexity of the world or the nature of why governments get their citizens to fight for them. Framing war as a form of amusement is not an acceptable educational practice.

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