• universal health care

    I personally agree,Voters remain almost evenly divided over the new government requirement that every American must have health insurance, while support for a single-payer government-run health care system is at its highest level in over a year. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 44% of Likely U.S. Voters think the federal government should require every American to buy or obtain health insurance.

  • Yes, universal health care is a good thing

    Countries that have universal health care pay less for their health care, and get better health outcomes. Where health care is not a profit based business, people are taken care of much better. The focus is on treatment and prevention rather than profit, and as a result the people benefit.

  • Universal Health Care

    I personally think that The campaign for some form of universal government-funded health care has stretched for nearly a century in the US On several occasions, advocates believed they were on the verge of success; yet each time they faced defeat. The evolution of these efforts and the reasons for their failure make for an intriguing lesson in American history, ideology, and character.

  • Yes it should

    Yes, I think that it would be a very good thing to have a sort of universal health care of every person in the world, and that a lot of people will be helped out by a lot if we had this system going right now. I think that the health care needs changed.

  • Yes It Should

    I believe that universal health care should be favored. I believe people are wrong in assuming that they somehow deserve health care over others. Every person deserves to have access to health care as the principals of health care were not originally rooted in selfish behaviors. For this reason, I believe universal health care is better.

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