Do you believe Universities should hand out grades above an A or above 100%?

  • Yes if they want to

    Universities across the United States of America as well as the world should be able to hand out grades above an A if they want to. It should be up to the people that run the school along with students who make that choice it should not be left to just anyone.

  • It's not school - you are an adult

    I have witnessed this posturing and childish behaviour in my peers about who has got the highest mark! Who is the best! Who is worthy of being allowed to join their little coterie - quite frankly if all you are going to do is cause others to feel less about themselves and exclude good people from activities because you think you are somehow special and worthy then stuff the grades.

    I have seen how upset some students are who aren't coping with the course, And then someone passive aggressively comes along and starts the "I only got 95%" routine to self inflate. Get over yourself.

    If you are having to do that - you have issues. I am talking about POST GRADS here, Not straight from school, You are adults and should know better.

  • Why Above 100%? Why not below 0%?

    If the point of handing out grades over 100% is to reward very good work, why not hand out grade lower than 0% as well to punish bad work?

    This will also stop grades from being comparable, because some places may only go to 100% while other go to 200% or more.

  • Universities should not had out grades above an A or 100%

    Universities should not had out grades higher than an A or 100%. I think that by allowing someone to score above 100% it opens the door for people to not do as well in a class and to do make up work to compensate for poor classroom and study habits.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe Universities should hand out grades above an A or above 100%. The scale has always measure from 0-100% and there is no reason to give out any grade that exceeds that. It should not be possible for a student to obtain higher than that limit, because then the grade is inflated past the norms.

  • Doesn't make sense

    An A or a 100 percent means that you mastered all of the material. There is no reason why there should b a grade above a 100 because you can't understand more than 100 percent of the material in the class. They should adjust their grade rating from below, not the top.

  • IF it ain't broke don't fix it

    This is one of those cases where if it isn't broke, don't fix it. The current grading system is fine as it is, there is no reason to modify it or change it. It would be giving into pressure from overachievers who are not satisified with being grouped with the pack.

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