Do you believe Vector Marketing has outlived its usefulness in an age of Internet advertising?

  • All is online

    Yes, i think that the internet has made this type of marketing completely out of date, and people do not see it all that much anymore, compared to all of the things that they see on the internet on a daily basis. I think that internet ads are the best.

  • I believe that it has.

    I do believe that Vector Marketing has outlived its usefulness in this day and age of Internet advertising. They have also been known to utilize the Internet to recruit salespeople, but I think that its model is what needs to be improvised. It is pretty close to, if not a pyramid scheme and I believe that people are a little more educated and wary of them than they used to be.

  • Vector Marketing is as useful as the salesman

    Internet advertising is becoming overwhelming. The average facebook page has dozens of advertisements. It has gotten to the point where people do not even see the ads. Internet advertising is beginning to be a moot industry. The results are no longer as large as they were. Vector marketing is based on two things, the product, and the salesman. As long as they both are to a high standard, it will survive.

  • Boots on the ground.

    No, I do not believe that Vector Marketing has outlived its usefulness in an age of Internet advertising, because there is something to still be said for face to face, one on one marketing. When selling a product, there comes a point when the person wants to see the product in person, and touch it and feel it.

  • No, not at all.

    I think Vector marketing still has its niche, because people still like to deal with actual people instead of the internet and automation. Vector also gives a very good opportunity to young people to make a nice living wage doing marketing. I think it will hang around and is not obsolete.

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