Do you believe Vector Marketing helps (yes) or harms (no) college students trying to make money?

  • They prey on the vulnerable

    Most people know college kids are poor, some or even desperate. They feed them some story that is not totally true. They tell people that they can 15k in 2 weeks doing this. Most people never make that much, if they made anything. What they do not tell people, is that the 2 or 3 people who did make that much are professionals with connections out the butt. It takes years and years to get to that point. They use college kids and other desperate people with out jobs to do their dirty work. This is how the professionals make their 15k in two weeks.

  • The realty of vector marketing

    Vector marketing is helpful for college students trying to make money. College students should use all the means necessary in order to help them make money in this tough economy. If a pathway is positive and will not take too much of their time, then they should pursue that completely.

  • They want to work.

    Yes, I think that Vector Marketing helps college students trying to make money, because they only work for Vector Marketing voluntarily. Students have decided that they are better off by working for Vector Marketing. They are appreciative of the flexible schedule and the resume building. And they can make a little money doing it.

  • Yes, Vector Marketing helps college students trying to make money.

    I definitely believe that Vector Marketing can help college students who are trying to make money. With a lot more students in college these days using the computer in every sense of their lives, they can use it to their advantage by using Vector Marketing to makes some extra money.

  • Its a scam

    They have had so many issues with taking advantage of college students, They should be stopped and not be allowed to do what they think is fair.I know that when i graduated they tried to hire me, all I did is Google them and I never called back. They are a scam preying on kids.

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