Do you believe victim of bullying could become a violent criminal ?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • Active shooter is a violent criminal

    I believe strongly that victim of bullying could later become a violent criminal.Look at the news:School shooting.School shooter is a violent criminal and kill so many people.But not only victim of bullying become a criminal also victim of child abuse could become a criminal too.In order to prevent such cases,WE HAVE TO STOP ABUSE!

  • Yes sir its must

    Its has been a problem for years now and they really dont punish the kids so yes i believe so. Kids now days get pick on and bullied. And it has to end. I cant stand how teachers handle it though they just tell the kid dont do that then when they do they still do nothing.

  • Could be a way of revenge

    As silly as it seems, kids who get bullied when they're young might grow up full of anger and feel the need to get revenge. This feeling of revenge might not be necessarily toward their previous bully but it could be people close to them who never really stood up or even complete strangers. Someone caused them pain therefore they feel the need to cause pain unto others because they see it as unfair that they are the only ones to suffer.

  • What a stupid question

    Anyone could become a violent criminal, this has nothing to do with bullying.... For some reason I still need to elaborate this beyond 30 more words. Ok. The bullying campaign is a hoax. Promoted by media that bullies. Everyone has been 'bullied' before and not everyone is a violent criminal, but everyone could be.

    Posted by: WAM
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