• A GREAT Peresdent

    Donald Trump is a good Peresdent noththig bad hapend yet so Donald Trump is good whith me best peresdent ever even if I was hopeing for clinton I still think Trump is good and every one shod be happy for Donald Trump so I say yes and you to shod say yes

  • Everyone live in the fake world

    No one has co on sense anymore. I won't but majority of people will wall for his trickery and lying then he we be worse then Obama once in term. More people will fall for his then he will declare martial law thus stoping all chances of rebellion and start WWIII. Just a hunch.

  • Oh yes they would.

    Donald Trump is like a mirror reflecting the feelings and frustration that the majority of American people have been feeling for years. One of the problems some voters may have is that he is rough around the edges and has an in-your- face style.
    Overall, Americans sick and tired of candidates that beat around the bush and are more worried about political correctness than the issues at hand.

  • Voters would accept Donald Trump.

    Voters would accept Donald Trump. He may say things that are rude but there is usually truth behind everything that he says. I think he would make a good position in office because he knows the business of making money and how to deal with people. I think the voters would accept him.

  • No, they will not.

    Donald Trump only appeals mainly to the rich conservative business owners. The average person is not such a person and it would not benefit them in anyway to elect someone with the views that Donald Trump has. If you are one of these people however, you should go for it if that's what you want.

  • I Know I Won't

    I can't really say what others think about Donald Trump, but I know I wouldn't support him for any political position. Trump is a business man and in my opinion he hasn't been that great at it. Yes, he's made money, but that's happened by stepping on a lot of people and also dealing with financial problems. I don't think Trump makes a good candidate.

  • Karl Rove would have a better shot.

    I don't think that voters would accept Donald Trump. No matter what he says, or how he says it, the man is just not likable. He's a visual representation of the 1%, which will be at the back of most people's minds. A man that owns golf resorts cannot possibly resonate with the common man. And that hair, just no.

  • Voters would not accept Donald Trump

    It is my opinion that the majority of voters in this nation would not accept Donald Trump because he is too closely connected to the one percent of Americans that are at the top of the financial ladder. The average American would be weary to vote in someone as business minded as Donald Trump.

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