• Voting is a responsibility.

    For those who opine that voting is a worthless task as the machines run politics, I say bunk. There is no one alive with the capacity to be a dictator. While big business is certainly commanding the largest part of government, without a voting mechanism there would not even remain the illusion of democracy. The loud clamor raised by a decisive vote in the polls has had an effect throughout history. We have to look no further than the civil rights laws or more recently, women's rights. Those who eschew voting can be accused of no less than irresponsibility.

  • Yes, it is.

    No matter how you feel the outcome of a poll will be, your vote matters. Their could be a lot more people who actually have your opinion on someone if they would all just vote. When more people vote, we can get more good people in the government. A lot of people don't vote just because they think it won't matter anyways.

  • Yes, voting is worth it.

    I think that voting is something that all citizens of the United States of America should consider important. I think that it is a right we should all be proud of since a lot of countries do not even have that luxury. I definitely think that voting here in America is worth it.

  • Not at all

    Most of the underground, behind the scenes agencies controlling the vote count are corrupt. The next president won't be won democratically, but won by the freemasons who elected the puppet to "run" the country, doing whatever the puppet master tells them to do. America isn't run by democratic institutions like it used to be. It's been secretly overthrown by the Rothschilds and the other elite bankers who basically control the world at this point. Your vote means nothing, sorry to break it to you.

  • Not if they are going to make it harder to vote

    I guess that is the point of making it harder to vote. That way less people will vote and the Republicans can win all the elections. People should be allowed to vote early because they may have to work on election day. People should not have to wait 7 or 8 hours in a line to vote. All the technology we have and they still make us vote like we are in the stone ages.

  • No, it is not in most cases.

    We in the United States have been given the right to vote and obviously a good portion of the people should do it just to keep up the illusion in the minds of those in power that they are being chosen so we do not have chaos. But we are given two choices that are equally inane in most cases.

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