• to be banned

    I personally agree,Anyone who has been watching the World cup games might have noticed this constant drone of Vuvuzelas from the croud, which is causing some debates.

    The main Argument for them is that it is the tradition of the country hosting the World Cup so they should be tolerated.

    The arguments against are the way they spoil the atmosphere of the game for viewers who are used to hearing cheers and "woo woo´s" during the game, as well as chants and singing. Some of the players have said they can´t hear what their team mates are saying or the referee.

  • Vuvuzelas need to go!

    Vuvuzelas are annoying and take away from the enjoyment of watching soccer. While they are a tradition in many countries, it often makes it difficult to hear the announcers. It also makes it hard for the players to communicate with each other. There is also a concern that they may be used as a weapon.

  • No They Don't

    A Vuvuzelas is simply a plastic horn, often used in celebrations. I do not believe they should be banned. I don't like laws that limit a persons freedom or stop people from doing something just because another person finds it annoying. Doing so limits society and doesn't do much to breed tolerance.

  • They are tradition.

    No, I do not think that Vuvuzelas need to be banned, because they are a tradition in soccer tournaments. Most of the people who bring a vuvuzela to a soccer match don't use it so much that it obstructs or annoys the people around them. It is a fun instrument that is tradition in soccer.

  • Sometimes it's okay to be loud

    The point of the vuvuzela is to be annoying - there's no way anyone could blow one and think otherwise. The mainstay of the vuvuzela, public sporting events, is ripe for that specific use. Making a lot of noise to distract the other team or, alternatively, to make a lot of noise to support what one's preferred team just accomplished. Noise is a major part of sporting, and vuvuzelas are part of that tradition.

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