Do you believe we are living in the "last days" as prophesied in the Bible?

  • Yes, we are living in the "last days" as prohesied in the Bible.

    2 Timothy 3:1-4 - There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God—having a form of godliness but denying its power.

  • Not literal days but definitely in the last of times.

    Just take a look at the sky high divorce rates ALL over the world, not to mention the acceptance of gay marriage in many FORMER Christian countries. Israel is an illegitimate country created by fake Jews (Revelation 2:9, 3:9). I cannot see anything holy in these self professed Jews that own and control the mass media, not to mention that they haven't accepted Christ as their savior. Did you forget that or you think the Muslims and Atheist are the ones who should accept Jesus Christ as their lord and savior in order to get to heaven? Woe unto ye hypocrites!

  • Israel is given back in 1948 to the rightful owners the Jews!

    The Scriptures is clear that Israel will be the centre of the return of the Messiah at the end of sin on this earth!

    Israel will be the centre of conflict and the middle east will burn, with the Egyptians fighting among each other.

    Also a major factor is that the world is over run with evil and the dysfunctional family structures, the lack of morals, as in the days of Noah, the nephalim will return and they will eat and drink and marry as in the days of Noah! When last have you really looked at other people? They are not as tall as they use to be, but they are still as arrogant, self centred and dangerous as well as the "wonders" they are doing with technology, it is mind blowing! Remember how evil electricity was at the beginning? What if our ancestors had incite on the inventors of these gadgets? Makes me think twice these days...

    The pushing of a one world order has been an open wish from George Bush senior till today. The world markets are crumbling and the crippled economies of one country is currently bailing out other crippled economies, going around and around and while cash is scares, paper debts are mounting daily! It will end in the prophecy of a half a dream of the so called elite, who wants to hog the world economy, as they will sit at their harbours, grieving over their lost wealth!

    Besides the weather is wild and there are more than enough earthquakes and lost of life every year due to natural disasters, HAARP, of course, but who cares? Bible prophecy is coming alive in our daily news!

    It is the best of times, and it is the worst of times, what is waiting ahead, is going to blow our minds even more than we can imagine.

    Distraction will be sudden...

  • Yes, and it is frightening!

    The signs of the times - wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes, signs in the sky, crazy weather - but most of all, people not loving one another. People are mean and hateful, self centered - and especially the children who no longer act as children. I see this perspective in school every day. Rude, unruly, disrespectful and fearless - it is the attitude of the children that scares me the most, and the fact that my own kids have to interact with this attitude.
    People do not believe in God, or if they do, it is superficial and hypocritical. No, it isn't everyone, but how can you not notice how unpleasant life is - I think there's something terribly wrong, and it's too big to ignore.

  • Read the book before commenting!

    The Bible was written by people, of course it was, but under the instructions from God. The Bible mentions many things that have already taken place; the Jews losing Israel but regaining it (1950s), a growth of knowledge more than any other time - there has been horse and cart for centuries now suddenly we have advances in medical science, cars, etc all in the past 100 years.
    The Bible spoke of "the whole world" seeing events (TV, internet etc.) and spoke of the mark of the beast - an implant which will be needed to buy and sell - RFID implants already enable this. It speaks of the European union, disruption in the East and China becoming powerful.
    It spoke of attacks on "the trade of the world."
    It talks of a breakdown of morals - gays suing anyone who gets in their way, satanism becoming a religion, etc.
    In recent years there have been more natural disasters than ever before.
    Some of these things could be discounted as coincidence... But all of them at one time? I don't think so!

    Just remember there will come a time where people will disappear from the world. All born again Christians and children will disappear in the blink of an eye. The world will be in chaos and theories will come into existence as to why it happened. A man will seem to be perfect and solve the worlds problems making peace in the middle east. Whoever is reading this whether you laugh at what I am saying now or not please don't be fooled when this happens!

  • Yes, Lord Come!

    I feel we are definitely in the last days because all of the prophesies are coming together which the Bible predicted. I have a lot of children over for play dates for my 2 children and I can't believe how they make demands and actually argue with me. Children are disobedient and disrespectful just like it talks about in 2 Timothy!! People are feeling anxiety and turning to any substance that will satisfy, but what we all long for is a relationship with Jesus Christ! Lord come soon!

  • I believe we are in the last days because Obama is the anti-Christ.

    Well, we have a dangerously sagging economy. No one is real in the way that they say one thing and then do another thing altogether. It sad to see the state of man in such a frenzied state of sinful confusion and denial of the facts of the universe over and over again.

  • Yes, if you truly know what's in the Bible.

    If you truly live by the tenants of your faith. Then you know that the signs are there. When scientists are playing God with our food. Scientists are inventing new diseases and letting them loose on the public to "record" the effects. While saying that they don't know where it came from. Gay marriage is a sin, if you have truly read your Bible. Read Leviticus, Romans 1:20-28, 1 Corinthians. If sex for homosexuals is a sin, then why would marriage for them, not be a sin? We have a President that is spending our way into economic collapse. So that we will be in a one World economy. Where the UN has more control than our elected officials. We are having more and more earthquakes. In areas that haven't had them since before Jesus was born. Storms that are creating worse and worse tornado's. We are having more hurricanes. More wars. I mean right now President Obama is instigating North Korea for no reason. Other than to get our attention away from something he's trying to get by us. Churches are losing more believers than ever before. Which was prophetic in the Bible. Famine, drought, severe storms, wars, epidemics, scientists trying to prove that Jesus was a thief and there wasn't a resurrection. Joblessness, children and the elderly going hungry in a land that should be plentiful. The UN trying to take weapons away from us. FEMA has built 25 "shelters" (they call them shelters), that are behind 10-foot electrified fences, with barbed wire on top. They have RxR going right thru them. If there shelters they have more surveillance than most court houses. DHS has bought over 2 billion hollow point bullets (that they say are being used for re-qualifications). You don't need hollow points to re-qualify. DHS has bought 2,700 armored tanks for here in the US, 270 rail cars that have shackles built in. Not including bullet proof vest and helmets for 10,000 people. They only have 6,000 members. Not to mention drones that are being allowed to be used against Americans on American soil. We have allowed the decline of Christian morals to the point that Liberals believe everyone should be allowed to have sex with who ever they want, have abortions or kill that baby right after birth. Please kids run around in skimpy clothes, disrespecting their parents with the morals of a slug. Drug addiction, alcoholism, the moral decline of our country is an abomination in the eyes of our God.

  • It looks like all of the signs are there.

    Israel was created which was, I think, a big indicator. Earthquakes are increasing. We have a comet coming that is supposed to look like a second sun in the daytime sky this year. A comet exploded over Russia injuring 1,000 but killing none. Lightning striking the Vatican. Seagulls attacking the dove of peace. The U.S. is on the verge of a devastating economic collapse, so is Europe, therefore so is the world. The Middle East is burning more than usual. Damascus is in the process of being destroyed. I think when Jesus said we won't know the day and hour, He really meant we won't know the day and hour....but anyone should be able to read the Bible and see concrete signs of the general time frame and prepare accordingly.

  • Yes we are living in the last days

    Many that don't believe that we are living in the last days say that Christians have always claim to say that we are living in the last days since Jesus went into heaven and the same signs have been acquiring since then. This is somewhat true but the difference between this generation compared to the ones before is the prophecies that have been fulfilled until this time. One prophecy is Israel will be restored as a nation in the last generation, this happened in 1948. Also the increase of technology, increase of natural disasters, homosexuality, wars, and much much more. Also in the book of relvelation we read that Satan will try to set up a one world government. With the technology we have after thousands and thousands of years from being on horse back one man is capable to have control and power over the world. Also man is able to kill all population with bombs which was prophesied. So so much I can say that's directly comes from scripture to point out the return of Jesus. No man knows the day nor hour, so be ready and always keep ya lamps filled with oil. Be Bless All

  • Nope.

    Do I believe in prophesies of fictional books? Nope. Bible was written by normal human beings like us. Can we predict the end of the world after 20 centuries or so?

  • The Bible has no expiration date written down for the "last days".

    Every generation since the Bible became widely accessible has proclaimed the last days. The trouble is that references to the last days is so vague that you could superimpose them over any era and come up with the idea that the end is near. Let's quit trying to end the world and work a little harder to make both it and ourselves better.

    Posted by: Gri5Helpful
  • No

    It's been 2000 years since Christ said he would return and nothing has happened yet. We have had major wars, floods, earthquakes, plaques, disasters, and so on many times since 33 A.D. yet life has continued without interruption. There have been many predictions to say when the second return would come and have passed us by. Christ returned the second time when he was resurrected from His death on the Cross. All He did was ascent into Heaven. His return would His third time here.

  • No chance. We just have better ways of communicating and recording disasters

    To argue against the "reasons" provided by the YES people... Hundreds of years ago, we didn't have technology to record disasters and although we might be seeing a lot of natural disasters in the news nowadays, that is only because there is so much more people now. When we only had about a billion people, not only did we not have the means to show other people the bad things that are happening to us, there was also less of us to be affected by disasters. I mean how are our cave men ancestors supposed to record the frequency and destruction caused by natural disasters? And was he supposed to care if an uninhibited part of the forest was struck by a flood? In terms of the human condition, there was as much corruption in our religious and government establishments back then. There were plagues, floods, mass epidemics, earthquakes and mass genocides. For example, the Bubonic Plaque, also known as the black death that killed millions, the extinction of our cousins the Neanderthals due our emergence, the homo sapiens and the unreasonable burnings/massacre of millions of people because of religious discrimination or men's underlying fear of women (aka witch trials) and even just to gain land. Plenty of disasters happened to ancient civilizations, they just didn't want to depict negative events in their paintings, but rather the good that their rulers have achieved. Animals have also been going extinct for millennia; we as a selfish rapidly growing race have just speed things up. Also, about the whole divorce rates shooting up... thousands of years ago nobody got married... therefore no divorces. But it does not mean they just had one partner. We now base how bad things have gotten on Christian ideals. Don't get me wrong, I am Christian and I believe in being faithful for life but the majority of people nowadays aren't born into practicing Christian families. I, myself will live by my ideals and teach them to my children but if other people want to live purely just fulfilling their desires, then good for them. For those who believe the Mayan Prophecies, answer this question: DO YOU ALSO BELIEVE THAT STRIPPING OUT SOMEONE'S BEATING HEART THEN BURNING IT AS SACRIFICE ACTUALLY INFLUENCES THE WEATHER? This was just one of their rituals... So if you don't believe that's true... why would you believe their theories? In regards to the Middle East being in chaos... when has it not ever been in chaos? About incest and pedophilia... both were considered normal by some ancient civilizations. For example, royalty keeps to its own blood even nowadays and it was acceptable for ancient Greek boys to have relations with their much older male mentors. This was called "paiderastia" and it was common. Even homosexuality was the norm as people didn't really have "sexual orientations". The economy had always had its bad times. It's just now, we are aware of how much it affects those in the bottom rung. And I guess... people didn't care about the fates of others. Which actually means we us a race have improved. We care about others now; we donate, volunteer and show kindness towards others. Of course there are bad eggs but the only reason why we know of the bad eggs more is because we remember bad acts more than we do good ones. Think about it. If the world were to end, it would be because of our (or our governments) own wrongdoings, not some force turning us into bad people.

  • I don't believe the Biblical "last days" will ever come to be.

    However, believers will probably always believe they are living in the "last days" regardless of what era they live in. The events prophesied in Biblical scripture are, for the most part, constants. Can anyone name a time in human history when we didn't have wars, famine, or earthquakes? I guarantee you there has never been such a time, and probably never will be.

    Posted by: Pazu
  • No I Don't

    We still have a very long way to go until all bible prophesy is fulfilled. I believe we are at the very beginning, but still unfortunately, quite a long way off till the return of our wonderful Saviour. This unrest and turmoil will continue for many hundreds of years to come, do not expect the end any sooner. Do not let Jehovah Witnesses 'fool' you. They do not know, we don't know, after all Jesus said he did not know. Be prepared and watch out is all we can do . Have faith in the Lord in this life. If he does not exist as the unbelievers' claim, we will lose nothing; if he does and we do not believe, be prepared for the very worst. God Bless You All xx

  • I do not

    Nothing in these present times are any greater than what has transpired all throughout the history of civilization except perhaps on a broader scale since the world is more populated. With the ability to know what has happened anywhere within seconds only makes it appear that way, the "End of Days" scam is nothing more then that, a scam.

  • Maybe in some way

    If that final part lasts billions of years then yes. If you sincerely believe that the world will end in a few hundreds of years you are deluded. Well, in fact if you believe in anything the Bible says you are deluded. The human kind could end at any time but the universe will keep existing virtually for ever.

  • The last days have been predicted for years.

    There are Biblical scholars who think that the Book of Revelations was written around 70 AD when Jerusalem was burned. The destruction of Jerusalem was heralded as the beginning of the end of the world. Repeat proclamations of the end of the world rose up during rebellions against Rome and the fall of the Roman empire. Several medieval writers expected the world to end at 1000 years from Jesus' birth and death. The German priest Muntzer convinced many followers the world would end in 1524. It didn't, so he changed the date to 1526. It hasn't ended yet.

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • The world will know if and when the "Last Days" the Bible describes come, as God will make it painfully obvious.

    The "last days" as described in the Bible will be really obvious when they come. There is nothing really obvious going on in the world today that is mentioned in the Bible. People have always thought for centuries that the "last days" were occurring during different time periods. However, it is usually based on the economy, wars, or deaths of certain people.

    Posted by: 54IKing

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