• Yes, we over pay teachers in the United States.

    Teachers in the United States are over payed for the work that they do. First of all, there are not many other jobs out there that let their employees take a mini vacation during the summer. I also think that there is a huge decrease in quality over the educational system in America. I think a lot of that has to do with most teachers trying to rely on other aides to teach their students such as learning assignments that are heavily based on technology such as researching on the internet.

  • Some Places Teachers Deserve More Money

    In California they pay teachers about right. Other places like in the south, they probably deserve even more money. We should always take care of everyone, but we should definitely take care of the people who are teaching our kids that they are the future. I do not get why some hate teachers so much, other than the fact they work for unions.

  • I do not believe they get paid what they deserve.

    Teachers are role models, helpers, confidant and almost like the other parent. They enrich a child's mind and help encourage (or in some cases are the only encouragement) children. Teachers can shape the future one child at a time. If they were paid the proper amount then there would be more teachers that cared and not just someone who wanted the summers off.

  • Not at all

    No, I do not think that we over pay teachers here in the US for sure, and if anything the teachers here are not given a high enough salary for how important their jobs are to the future of the country, since they are shapeing all of the future leaders.

  • Paying Teachers in the United States

    I personally think that we do not over pay teachers in the United States because teachers only get paid once every month and it is not a lot. I personally think that the government do not over pay teachers in the United States which I personally think that if teachers achieved their a passing percentage they should be getting over paid.

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