Do you believe we should ban firearms in the United States, and why? Give factual Evidence

Asked by: CommonKnowledge
  • So that idiots and criminals can't use them.

    "But criminals don't care about laws, they would still buy them anyway!"
    Except there won't be a gun store on every corner where they can buy a gun for $25.

    "But the 2nd Amendment!"
    Irrelevant, that was created during a time when guns WERE necessary, as there were bandits / outlaws.

    "But guns save lives!"
    No they don't, they help people take them. Sure, having a gun on you might help save you, but a gun-wielding criminal could just as well use his. Your gun is irrelevant if you don't know that someone else has a gun, and most people do have guns in the US, so unless you plan on shooting every person who looks at you wrong and has a gun, the criminal will most likely get the first (And last) strike.

  • Guns are for smart people

    If you give technology to smart people, they will do smart things with it. If you give it to dumb people, they will do dumb things with it.

    One of the founding fathers of America once said - The pen is mightier than the sword except if the masses are illiterate.

    Posted by: DT
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  • Gun Control Never Works

    Did prohibition stop Al Capone from making whisky? No, it didn't, it only made him richer.

    Outlawing guns would cause a huge increase in crime.

    Making guns illegal wouldn't stop criminals from getting their hands on them. Just look at Mexico; Mexican gun laws are some of the strictest in the world, and yet the drug cartels still manage to get their hands on semi automatic and fully automatic weapons.

    Outlawing guns would create a society full of sitting ducks. If I illegally get my hands on a gun, which could easily happen, then as of that moment I can kill whoever I want, steal whatever I want, and rape whoever I want. And what could anyone do about it; call the police and wait eight to ten minutes before they show up to save them? By then I've already done everything I wanted to do and drove a block away.

    Ever heard of prohibition? It was a time period in American history when people thought making alcohol illegal would eliminate alcoholism and alcohol related crimes. Boy, were they wrong. All it did was give men like Al Capone the means to create vast sums of money and kill scores of people. Outlawing guns would create a situation several times worse.

    National and international statistics prove gun control doesn't work. Chicago Illinois has the strictest gun control in the United States, and it has the highest homicide rate in the US. Why? Because the criminals know that their targets can't defend themselves. Whereas in Switzerland, where half the total population has guns, they have practically no crime. Why? Because criminals know not to attack armed people.

  • There are very few who would say yes

    Even people that want to amend the constitution don't expect or want to ban firearms.

    This is a complete straw-man argument from gun-supporters. The better question is, find me ONE liberal / progressive / politician / commentator anyone who says they want to ban all guns. There just aren't any,.

    Posted by: TBR
  • I don't know. Regulated heavily, but not outlawed completely.

    I mean, what will it do? What will it solve? What are the consequences?

    People will get them one way or another. So banning them, will do nothing. Need an example, prohibition. Cocaine, marijuana, meth, prostitution, gambling etc. Many illegal activities still happen.

    And do we want a bunch of nutjob vigilantes running wild? I mean, not too long ago, some psycho went on shooting wildly over a shoplifter. A SHOPLIFTER!!!!

    I think guns should be heavily regulated. Not everyone should be allowed to have them. I don't care about your rights. I just want violence to end as much as possible...

  • This is an opinionated question

    This is more of just an opinion you cant give a factual answer. It would be better if the title was worded differently as "Do you believe the Wildcats are the best team in college basketball, and why?" that would be a more fitting title I however disagree that they are the best.

  • Nope, not really.

    As long as there are this many firearms across the US, banning all firearms and taking them away from people is not going to be a good thing. A thief, a murderer, a rapist, a terrorist is not gonna show up and hand over his / her gun. So what will happen is that you will take away the guns of honest law abiding citizens, and leave them defenseless against the bad guys who won't hand over their guns.
    So unless you happen to have a magical magnet that is capable of rounding up all the guns across the US, that's not a good idea.
    A better solution is more in-depth back ground checks, closing the existing loop holes in gun control laws, stop selling high caliber guns; semi automatic or not, stop selling AP rounds, and for god sake, properly funding and training the law enforcement agencies nation wide.

  • Banning guns could start a civil war which would cause far more gun violence then we have now.

    Banning things in this country does not work just look what happened with prohibition and the war on drugs. Banning guns would cause far more problems then it solves. Gun homosides are at a 50 year low even though gun sales are at an all time high, a fact the anti gun folks always seem to ignore. Even if we banned all gun sales how would that help with the over 300million guns already in the country? We as a country need to start asking the difficult questions of why our people are killing each other instead of what they are using to kill. I've yet to hear one reasonable answer to the problem from the anti gun folks. They simply want guns gone which obviously isn't a realistic goal.

  • No, absolutely not

    First of all, no. Why would you think banning guns would solve any type of problem? Second, are you serious? You do realize that there are thousands upon thousands of unregistered guns in the US, therefor being nearly impossible to take away from those who have them. And even if you did take guns away that would not stop people from finding a way to get them. Australia tried to ban guns and the violent crime rate went up 50% within the first year. Great Britain tried to ban guns and the violent crime rate went up almost 200% within the first year! (Yes, two hundred percent) So, why would you think that banning guns in the United States would have a different outcome? I'm assuming most people that want firearms to be banned fear of more mass shootings. But have you noticed that almost all of the shootings have occurred in "Gun-Free" zones? The shooters target those places because the victims are unarmed. I bet that if at least one trained person with a gun was a target at every shooting, the events would not have gone on as long as they had. If there were less gun free zones and more civilians trained to fire arms, there would be less deaths caused by shootings.

  • Guns save lives

    Guns are dangerous weapons that can be used to do great harm. But they can also be used to prevent great harm. Guns are used to save lives and prevent crimes hundreds of thousands of times a year. Banning guns would only take them out of the hands of good guys while criminals, who don't follow laws, would still have them. Than we will have armed criminals and unarmed defenseless good guys. Even with out a weapon a criminal can commit a crime if his victim is weaker than him.

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