Do you believe we should pursue nuclear energy (yes) or use other alternative energy sources (no)?

  • Cars is a source of energy

    The truth is that most energy sectors get some kind of subsidy. . . And solar, So there is room for more growth among those sources. Battery vehicles have more energy options than gas-burning engines. . . . China's Electric Vehicles Run on Coal! Yes, But the can be moved so therefore i say yes

  • Yes, Clean and renewable source of energy

    Nuclear power is a source of energy that, I believe, should be used. Nuclear power allows
    us to continue to power our lives without having to pollute the air. It
    also provides stable electricity which helps prevent the frequent power
    outages that many areas without nuclear energy face. So long as nuclear
    power plants are well regulated to maintain safety, there is no reason
    not to use it as a source of power.

  • Yes, we should.

    Nuclear energy will be one of our greatest sources of energy for a long time. But we should use nuclear and pursue of sources of energy. Solar probably being one of the best in the long run that we could pursue, would be a completely renewable energy that would never run out.

  • Yes,we should look into it

    If you look at it from a cold fusion standpoint, its a viable resource that needs to be tapped for the people. If you give up on it entirely, we will lose out. I understand there are implications of war and waste,but using a gallon of water to power a city, is okay in my world.

  • Use other sources.

    Most countries around the globe aren't even allowed to develop nuclear technologies, so how would it be if we started trying to develop even more while telling others that they cannot do the same. No, we need to develop green, renewable energy and plan for a cleaner future on our planet.

  • Alternative energy sources would be better

    Nuclear energy is more manageable than something like coal. The biproducts of nuclear energy are far fewer, and have less dramatic impact on the earth. I would support nuclear power over coal or natural gas. However, alternative resources such as wind and solar provide access to power without nearly as much infrastructure or biproducts required. There are still some things involved in the manufacture of the solar panels and wind turbines. However, these are much better alternatives than nuclear.

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