• We deserve cleaner air and water

    Environmental protections do need to be stronger. The debate over whether or not manmade causes impact climate change might never end, but no one can really dispute that all pollution winds up going into the water we drink and air we breathe. In fact, through air and water, it winds up in our food too.

  • Yes, we should

    There are elements of the natural environment that we cannot recreate, once they're gone, they're gone. For that reason we cannot keep saying the next generation can pay the bill as we bulldoze and kill whatever we feel like in the interests of commerce, it's eventually going to be a step too far and not fixable.

  • We Only Have One Earth

    We need environmental protections because there are people who make money by polluting and who apparently don't care that their money-making activities are actually harming human beings. We cannot depend on corporations to police themselves; they are notoriously bad at doing this. Instead, we need to require them to reduce their negative impact on the environment for the health of all of us.

  • Yes, should Educate people

    I think Earth day tells us to conserve and protect the environment but
    how, a common man can contribute towards environmental protection,
    that is the hot topic. Do not burn garbage in the town or field. It causes unnecessary global warming. We use to save water How to protect wild Life ?

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  • Environmental Protection is not an option it is a must.

    At the end of the day humans, animals, and natural life will all die if the planet is polluted with all that we are doing right now so really it should be our number one priority to keep it a safe and hazard less place. Everyone deserves breathing clean air and drinking clean water. It is where we live so why do we want to destroy it. Doesn't make any sense. Many illnesses and diseases are caused by the polluted air and water from all this manufacturing going on. Just how on a small scale of things you want to live in a clean home then wanting a clean environment should be no different. Not every advancement in technology is safe either. Looking good to the world is not as important as being alive and healthy. All things should be taken into consideration when it effects the lives of millions of people.

  • Nature needs more protection

    It seems like it's not enough what we're doing for nature, people are still killing animals and substituting forest with malls.
    Nature has so much to provide to us, food, water,clean air and we're paying her off with pollution, destruction.
    Our future generations deserve to enjoy what we have had

  • Yes We Can!

    We should strengthen our environmental protections because of our future. Nobody cares about the environment because the environmental conditions are moderate right now. (Not too good or bad) But in the future, when conditions get far worse and begin to effect society, then everyone will care. We NEED to get the word out that the future can be saved through preventive acts of environmentalists. Even one small action can make a change for the better. It is so simple, yet our laziness and satisfaction with the environment is stopping us from seeing the real problems. The problems which can make the earth a tragic sight for our future generations. How do you want the future humans to see the earth? As beautifully as you do? Then step up and MAKE A CHANGE!

  • Me like trees

    We need trees! Save them! Go trees! Go trees! Go trees! Go trees! Go trees! Go trees! Go trees! Go trees! Go trees! Go trees! Go trees! Go trees! Go trees! Go trees! Go trees! Go trees! Go trees! Go trees! Go trees! Go trees! Go trees! Go trees! Go trees!

  • We're not doing enough

    We should since many people can help the world choose not to especially when Donald Trump is pulling away from the clean air act and its virtually impossible to achieve the goal without the Us we need to try to reduce damage we keep doing if we are not going to try to fix

  • No, we should not strengthen environmental protections anymore

    Environmental protections have already reached a point where they overstep there purpose of helping the environment. The Clean Air Act was a good measure, but an extension of anymore environmental laws could be economically disastrous to the United States and hurt our chances at competeing in the world economy with open environmental policies like China.

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