• Yes, by massive computation or elegant algorithm.

    Humankind is forced to come up with increasingly sophisticated tools to deal with increasingly complex problems and avoid blowback. Friendly-AI will present us with longer range and more counter-intuitive solutions for humans to then politically debate. FAI will ease the debate with quick data set compilation, synthesis, analysis and suggestions.

  • Yes, under the correct conditions.

    First of all, our lifetimes will likely increase by several centuries within the next 50 years. This would allow us to increase our time allotted to, lets say, around the year 2250. Also, by 2030-2050 Moores law would go out of effect, and so there will be a lot of attention towards quantum computing, or whatever would create a sentient machine artificially. Expansion into other planets would create more populations to put research into artificial sentience to put Moores law back into effect. After about 2 centuries, we are bound to find something. Even if we do not extend our lifetimes, AI could be created with enough effort. Of course, if the UN decides to postpone mass-producing it, we might not actually see it before 2100.

  • Yes, if we are teenagers or younger now.

    I am already older middle aged, so it is unlikely that the intelligence we see created now is going to be human like enough to be intriguing. But those who are no older than teen years now are likely to be able to interact with artificial intelligence that is quite human in its ways.

  • We Will Be Close

    I am 30 years old and I feel that I will see human-like artificial intelligence created within my lifetime. I feel like my son will get to experience it more fully than myself. There will be a lot of degrees of human-like in creating this intelligence, I can't wait to see the prototypes.

  • Yes, I think we will see human-like AI.

    I do believe that we will see human-like artificial intelligence within our lifetime. I think that it is something that we are going to see soon. With the advancement of science occurring like it is today, it is only a matter of time. I think it will be something that is beneficial for society.

  • We are getting there.

    Yes, I believe that we will see human-life artificial intelligence created within our lifetime, because there are already some very realistic robots out there. People who have lost limbs now have prosthetics that they control with their mind. That is already very close to human. In the future, they can replace the entire human body.

  • Always been predicting it will happen.

    Not in our lifetime, it has been predicted over and over but has failed to yield anything. AI is dead, we will not create something that took evolution or God this much effort to do. The workings of our intelligence are so complicated that it is unlikely we will even begin to understand ourselves fully in our lifetime.

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