Do you believe we would be better off to lose our egos (yes) or foster them (no)?

  • Ego is Negative

    Any wise people would eventually learn to minimize their ego they have,. For me, ego is subjective and it depends with whom you are dealing. You will be generally ready to be submissive to a person far superior than you or you think who is beyond reachable to you. But at the same time, ego starts working when you are with a competitor or among your peer group in terms of age, job etc.
    I think, this is happening unknowingly as we loose the ability to rationalize at this point. Hence, I would look forward to release myself maximum from ego and see things in an objective way.

  • Yes, we would be better off if we lost our egos.

    I think that we as a society and world would be better off if we let go of our egos. I think that egos are the major reason for a lot of wars and problems in today's society and world. If we could just learn to focus instead of helping humanity, I think it would be for the best.

  • Yes, we should lose our egos

    If your ego gets in the way, then so be it let it go. If its just a trait that you look at for sports and it really isn't who you are as a whole, let it be that way on the field. I find most people have egos in certain situations,but not as a whole, they drop them when needed.

  • Ego Causes Problems

    I believe the human race would be far better without the ego, we certainly shouldn't foster the ego. Ego is part of what makes a human greedy and it's part of what makes humans make irrational decisions. If the ego was wiped from the human condition we would be far more caring.

  • Yes, better off to lose our egos

    Be knowledgeable about the ego, and you can beat it, and burn it for life. At some point in time, I would bet that we were all worried with what others . You think of yourself, then you lift a huge weight off your shoulders.. So, the next steps for you are to obviously first decide and commit to losing your ego.

  • Yes, the ego is a liability

    I am a Buddhist and believe that genuine development as a human depends on letting go of the ego. Self-esteem is good, but when it is overplayed, it becomes ego and is a negative characteristic. I believe that being humble about oneself will allow a person to see the world in a more realistic light.

  • Egos fuel Invention

    Do you believe that egos are bad? Well then read Anthem by Ayn Rand . Your opinion will be altered forever. This book is about a collectivist society where the word ego and singular pronouns are not allowed. The leaders have taken away any sense of individuality humans have. They have no hopes or aspirations.

  • What is an ego

    What is an ego? What does having an ego mean? Perhaps there are some aspects of our behaviors towards each other that we should change. If so we should talk about them directly. Having an ego can mean many different things in many different contexts and to many different people.

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