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  • yes i do

    yes, i think that it would be a good thing to breed these tigers, and try to get their numbers up a little so that we might can one day let them out in the wild so that we can have a more stable amount of them our in the world.

  • Yes, white tigers kept in captivity should be bred.

    I think that if white tigers are going to be kept in captivity, then they should be bred. I think there would be a lot of benefits from doing so such as keeping the species' population healthy. I also think that is nothing ethically wrong about it. Plus zoos will like it.

  • Yes, no reason not to

    I do not see a problem with allowing white tigers to be bred in captivity. If anything, maybe it will change the behavior of tigers and they will end up becoming more tame. That would be preferred over them eating any person that they run into in the wild. It would be nice.

  • Breeding is the main purpose for captivity.

    The only reason why it would even be permissible for animals to be held in captivity is for the purpose of breeding and research that would advance the species. If animals are not bred, then there is not a good reason to hold them in captivity. White tigers are a rare animal and breeding is necessary to save the species from extinction.

  • NO, not at all its horrible

    They are inbred NOT purebred and all you people saying that that's the purpose its not the purpose of captivity! 80% of white tigers bred die at birth it is very upsetting and if there not pretty enough for the zoo then they kill them and they don't deserve that. Also you can never let them out in the wild cause there coat doesn't change color in the summer so there predators will kill them so they wont last in the nature.

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  • If my memoery serves right

    White tigers are inbred and not purebred. Giving many of them some kind of birth defect. Which means I do not think they should be bred. That is unless they were inbred in the wild and not by man. If man did this to them, then they should just live to they get old. If it is a natural thing Tigers do, then let them carry out their lives normally.

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