• They are real.

    Whoopi Goldberg's eyebrows are real. I believe this because women are always playing with their beauty routine and she is famous as well, which makes her need to look good on camera more necessary. Whoopi most likely waxes and has her brows professionally trimmed. She also probably uses dye to make them more attractive too.

  • No, Whoopi Goldbergs eyesbrows cannot be real.

    There are those who doubt the legitimacy of Whoopi Goldbergs' eyebrows. To that skepticism grows the concern about whether she has any at all. In the most recent pictures of Whoopi Goldberg it is evident to the naked eye that she has none. Thus, if she does have eyebrows it must have been penciled in or falsely constructed.

  • she appears to pluck them off

    From the looks of things, she paints them back on. Many women do that for what ever reason. I guess it is a women thing and it makes them feel more sexy. I have personally never been a fan of fake accessories. I always like the naturalness of women. To each is own though.

  • Does Whoopi Goldberg Have Eyebrows or Not?

    Whoopi has stated in interviews that she shaves her eyebrows off. She may be shaving her eyebrows off as a home remedy for a condition that causes her to pluck her own eyebrows and other facial hair out compulsively. There are also medical conditions that cause facial hair to fall out on its own so she may be trying to treat herself for that sort of condition by just shaving her eyebrows off. Nonetheless, it is clear that she has no eyebrows and she has stated that she shaves them off.

  • Whoopi Goldberg eyebrows are not real

    Whoopi Goldberg eyebrows are not real, and that is because she shaves them continuously. She did mention several times that she shaves them because they itch when they grow. Whatever eyebrows she has on now must be fake. I have seen her before in movies, and its funny because this is the first time I actually notice she doesn't even have eyebrows.

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