• Yes, I think Wikipedia is inherently good.

    I think wikipedia is a fantastic source for information on nearly every topic you can imagine, I think we need to be very sure that the sources and quotes put in the articles are accurate and properly cited but overall I think society in general benefits from Wikipedia in today's world.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe Wikipedia has become a go to destination for information and it is so full that you are sure to find the topic you are looking for. Given that references are rife and easily obtainable it make the perfect jumping off point for further research. For these reasons, I find Wikipedia to be inherently good.

  • I believe that Wikipedia is inherently good.

    I believe that Wikipedia is inherently good. Everyone seems to go there for their online information and it is a good source for general information about anything. They do not seem to be bias in any information that is out there. Before the Internet, we had to resort to encyclopedias that were hardly ever updated.

  • Yes it is.

    Wikipedia is inherently good. People may be able to go on the website and change certain aspects, however the false statements get cleared quickly. It is a great place to easily find little facts about people, movies, and place. It also give an opportunity for people to upload their personal experiences with these things.

  • Yes, I believe Wikipedia is inherently good

    Wikipedia has become a word pretty much synonymous with the idea of Internet information. Wikipedia is returned many times as the top search engine hit for things searched for in Google or other search engines. Wikipedia may have some problems and I'm sure some articles posted there may have some errors, but I'm also sure that many of the other sites we look at also have irregularities. Wikipedia is a great place for researching a great number of topics.

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