• I did not care for it

    There were many glitches in the Vista system. It is kind of like what Windows 8 is right now. I personally do not like Windows 8 but maybe the touch screen version is better. Microsoft seems to be hit or miss on their new upgrades. Windows XP was good, Vista not so good, Windows 7 was good, Windows 8 not so good. That is the problem with just improving stuff just to improve them. People should try to make improvements but the improvements should be better than the older version. The problem when we make everything about money is the quality suffers.

  • Yes It Was

    I believe Windows Vista was an abject failure for Microsoft. I believe Vista will be one of Microsoft's lowest points in regards to its history. The operating system was unstable and insecure and these problems were never fully addressed with updates. I feel like they should have recalled, but the weren't forced to and of course, did not.

  • It had kinks.

    Yes, I believe that Windows Vista was an abject failure for Microsoft, because it had a lot of bugs. They should have beta tested the program much longer than they did, because the problems that Vista had really gave Microsoft a bad reputation, at the time when Apple was rising as the leader.

  • Not a failure

    Vista was neither a failure nor a success, and it was simply the product of what happens when a company has a near monopoly on a segment of the market and has no real reason (in their minds) to innovate. Ultimately, Microsoft is paying today for its lack of success then, but it was still not a failure.

  • Yes, Windows Vista was a failure.

    I definitely think that Windows Vista was an abject failure for Microsoft. It was clear the program was something that wasn't very successful for the Microsoft company. The program had a lot of problems and issues that customers did not like. I think Microsoft can admit that it was a failure.

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