• Yes, winning the lottery is a great gift, with a lot of potential

    Winning the lottery is a wonderful gift. It gives people, who would not have otherwise, the chance to make a real difference or contribution to the betterment of their own life, and many others. Lottery winnings give someone the chance to donate to causes or charities that they believe in and this can vastly improve the quality of life for many. Winning the lottery is a great opportunity to do a lot of good in this world.

  • OH NO, lots of money

    If you have more money that you can shake a stick at, you have a few things you can do with it: Hire someone to help you shake a stick at it, give it to other people so they can shake sticks at it, or keep it all and keep trying to shake a stick at it.

  • A Gift That Keeps On Giving ...

    The burden that many lottery winners have endured comes from greed. It's not the lottery that causes that burden and/or pain. It's their own selfishness.

    For example ... Nobody needs $200M! When an individual is blessed with a winning ticket, they need to turn that into an opportunity -- make it a gift that keeps on giving. Start a private foundation or non-profit. Donate to any charity, or several. Helping others is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself. A winning ticket provides ample opportunity to do so!

  • Winning the Lotto is a gift.

    The unfortunate part of winning the Lotto is that you remain the same person that you always were, yet people treat you very differently. People who would not have even said hello before now want your full attention. Most people don't know how to react to this situation. That is what makes it a burden. The money itself is not the problem. It is always the people you surround yourself with afterwards. If I won the Lotto, you would never see me again.

  • Winning The Lottery

    I personally think that winning the lottery is more a gift instead of a burden because it is a gift from the higher power to have blessed that individual to winning the lottery. I personally think that winning the lottery is more of a great gift instead of a burden.

  • It is Neither

    How people feel towards winning the lottery has a lot to do with their state of mind before buying the ticket. Most people hope they will win but many don't expect to win. But of course I'm only talking about the temporary moment that proceeds the joy of realizing that you've just won a ridiculous amount of cash.

  • It is a gift.

    Winning the lottery would be an absolute gift. You would not have to worry about money ever again, you could pursue whatever you want, and you can be charitable to people while taking care of your loved ones. A curse is working 50 hours per week and still not having enough money.

  • Just a burden

    I think that when you win the lottery, you will have so much trouble that comes out of it that you will end up hating that you ever won it. Everyone you know will constantly call you trying to get you to give them a huge chunk of the money.

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