• Yes I Do

    I believe withdrawing from Iraq should happen immediately. Saddam Hussein has been gone for a long time and if their government is ready by now, it probably never will be ready. I feel it is best to leave and the sooner, the better. We weren't wanted there in the first place.

  • Withdrawing From Iraq

    I personally think that withdrawing from Iraq should happen immediately because of the past wars in the past and how it affected so many people and so many families. I personally think that withdrawing from Iraq should happen immediately because it has affected the United States as well as the society.

  • Yes, it's time to withdraw.

    Yeah, it is absolutely time to withdraw from Iraq. The reason we went in in the first place was wrong, and now that Saddam is gone, it's time to leave the country. We have done enough, too much, and it hasn't all been good. They can take responsibility for their own country, and we can bring our men and women home.

  • No,withdrawing immediately would not be a good idea

    I am all for pulling the troops out of Iraq,but it needs to be done slowly and a new system has to come into place. You cant pull all those troops out over night. It has to be slow and steady. The facts are, America needs to take care of its domestic issues,before it does it around the world.

  • No, Iraq still needs support.

    Withdrawing from a country too soon can be problematic, especially when the government has been disrupted. In fact, Iraq has even asked for continued U.S. support because of security changes and difficulties, and need for counter-terrorism efforts. Although as Americans we obviously don't want to put troops in any danger, we also don't want to see Iraq have problems that make all of the previous efforts for naught.

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