Do you believe women and men have equal rights?

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  • The war on women is over, and the women won!

    American women are 33% more likely to get a college degree than men.
    American mothers have the right to abort (destroy, in every sense of the word) the child inside them, and no man, such as the father, can prevent them.
    American mothers (when they, on the other hand, WANT the child) almost always get him/her in child custody battles.

    There is no "war on women."

  • Equal in a sense.

    First I would like to state that physically, men and women are not equal. It is simply a matter of physiology that men, on average, are more muscular than women and therefore are frequently more qualified for professions requiring rigorous physical activity.
    There are of course exceptions to this, but for the most part men are better fit for such occupations. However it is also worth noting that female brains are proven to be more effective in multitasking and mental executive functioning, lending women to fast paced or high input activities such as being a secretary and the like.

    As far as social standing goes, I believe men and women to be fairly equal. Because of their smaller physique and natural male impulse women are generally granted a measure of special respect (guys don't hold the door for other guys) and frequently lower expectations in circumstances concerning physical activity. This also grants women some special advantages, such as not being available for draft, alimony, and single mother subsidies. Men are, however, generally viewed as the stronger of the two sexes and still remain slightly dominant in government and mostly dominant in the private sector. As far as the supposed pay gap goes, I am reasonably sure this is not due to blatant "your a woman so I'm not going to give you the same pay as a man" sexism as many assume it to be. I believe that it neglects to account for other factors that contribute to pay, such as ambition, flexibility, etc. which causes an apparent gap in pay. Bottom line, our generation is so engrained with the notion of equality that any possible inequality will likely be obliterated by the time we have come to prominence and it is likely a fruitless battle to try establish anything else before then.

  • It really depends

    Just looking briefly at the question brings up two totally different questions and debates. The first is do men and women have equal rights, and the second is should men and women have equal rights. Blackkid is arguing that should have equal rights, whereas Quilena and cassie15 are arguing that they we don't have equal rights. And quite frankly your both right, at least in my opinion. Men and women should have equal rights, however as Quilena and cassie15 point out its quite obvious that we don't. Historically speaking, and even now, men have had better jobs, lives and more political or economic influence then women. And i believe that it will be quite some time until women do have totally equal rights.

  • Yes males and females have equally stated rights before the law...

    This isn't actually very debatable. Whether or not society grants the same level of judgment against males and females contained therein is a totally different topic but there are currently no sexist laws that specifically separate males from females within public law that are upheld in courts. There are a lot of blue laws though.

  • Women can do what they want

    People get judged by gender and what kind of jobs they do. Do you believe in equal rights for women and men? I believe in equal rights for women and men, women should have equal rights as men. This world should not be based on gender, because that is what tears the world apart. People say it is wrong for women to play football, but it is not wrong. Women can do what they want to do. People say that basketball is for men, and that girls don’t play basketball. Women can do whatever what they want.

  • No Equal Pay

    It's a basic fact in most professions that a woman who does the same job as a man will get paid less simply because she is a woman. Congress even rejected an equal pay bill as women "chose" professions that make less money, but this is not the issue. If women can't even get paid the same as the male co-workers, how can we say that they have equal rights?

  • There is no equality

    Dating back decades ago, women were known to solely doing house duties and child bearing. Fast forwarding to the present day era, women are now known to be, empowered, emancipated and thus believe that they have the right to certain responsibilities. Is it wrong for a woman to want to be independent and achieve something in life? No!
    Today in most universities the ratio for men and women in the classes is 1 in 10 . Women are the ones to actually do certain things and go the extra mile just to succeed. Yet when they succeed, they are underpaid. A woman and a man can be doing the same job, working equally hard and the woman would still be paid less. Why? Why can't women be treated with a certain respect? We all know men are the head or supposed to be the head of the household, but when it comes to social issues and so fort, women deserve respect.

  • Men seem to be more superior on us women!

    Men are always put above women as more masculine and powerful than women. That's not equal. Women seem to be stood behind the men as only a caregiver. Yes, us women have gained power, but men still seem to have more. Look at the presidents, all of have been men putting more authority in power to themselves.

  • We don't as of today.

    As a feminist, I am well aware that there is not an equal amount of rights, earnings, etc. between the genders. The question here is "Do you believe women and men have equal rights?" and does not refer to whether it be set for today's time or in the future. If it were referring to the future, I believe there will be equality. But at this point, no.

  • Male and Women do not have equal rights.

    Women and Male have always been treated diffrently, there has always been a double standard setting when it comes to gender. The women is always viewd as a sexual object she gets by, by using her body parts or a women should be a stay at home mom and just take care of the kids,clean,cook and do all the house work. When did a women ever had to depend on a male as a source of income. Women cant be welders because her gender she can't be in the army because she not brave enough,she not the elite man so they assume a women can't do what a man can do. Which i have to disagree strongly a women is just as strong and able to be whatever she wants in life and not depend on a man as a source of income while she stay home and does house work every single day?. Why cant the man stay home and be the 'house husband'? .There alot of sucessful women in this world that are a lead example of why we should be viewed equally as men. We can do just as much as the male gender and more we shouldn't be judged because of our gender.That is why I believe women and male do not have equal rights.

  • Women nowadays have more rights than men

    They can choose who they get to date. The do not have to go to extreme efforts just to met someone to date. They have most of the power in a relationship if you do not look like Brad Pitt.

    They also demand more in relationship. With my ex-girlfriend I always had to help her and she always had someone to help her with every need she had. I got almost nothing out of that relationship so I dumped her in the end.

    Not to mention at school or university where there are always white knights which make good for disposable free help. There is not equality now, most of the time women now have much more rights and privileges than men.

  • Discrimination of Affirmative action

    Even though there exists Human Right, but the reason human right exists is because the needs.
    We can equal the Human Rights in equal for Man and Woman. But not all of the rights can be count to be equal.
    For Example : Government would create a public Bathroom with a discriminate in gender, they have the same right to let go their needs to excretion. But, in each bathroom would be different. ( a good discrimination)

  • Should their be? Absolutely. Are we even close? No.

    First it was a war on women, now it's a war on men. Look at the facts. The 1st and 2nd wave feminist movements did achieve equality. Modern feminism is a full of shit ideology based entirely on the fraudulent notion that their exists a patriarchy and has achieved superior rights for women while chanting that women are "oppressed". Until we can stop collectively blaming people based on their race, sex, or religion, we probably won't achieve equal rights.

  • Pregnancy Pregnancy Pregnancy

    When a female determines she is pregnant, she has the freedom to decide if she has the maturity level to undertake the responsibilities of motherhood, if she is financially able to support a child, if she is at a place in her career to take the time to have a child, or if she has other concerns precluding her from carrying the child to term. After weighing her options, the female may choose abortion. Once she aborts the fetus, the female's interests in and obligations to the child are terminated. In stark contrast, the unwed father has no options. His responsibilities to the child begin at conception and can only be terminated with the female's decision to abort the fetus or with the mother's decision to give the child up for adoption. Thus, he must rely on the decisions of the female to determine his future. The putative father does not have the luxury, after the fact of conception, to decide that he is not ready for fatherhood. Unlike the female, he has no escape route'.

  • Not even close.

    There are actual laws that give women more rights than men(draft,family court). There are social services women have that men do not(Health services, education funding) girls can be in boy scouts , boys cannot be in girl guides. Hundreds of examples of privilege for women and girls gut not for men. Family choices.
    Its so obvious how women have become the privileged sex. To bad this cant see it.

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