• Yes, It could be possible

    War and violence is the lazy answer to complex questions. Yes, Everyone will always have differing opinions, But with an increase of education in all areas, We can teach how to solve these problems using diplomacy as opposed to senseless brutality. When the world stops turning to war, War will end. If the world's people start to value human life above one man's ambition and power, Then we will stop fighting wars that only benefit people of power. This happening is very unlikely, I understand, But the question is not will we obtain world peace, The question is do I believe world peace is obtainable. And yes, With enough effort, It is.

    Posted by: ido
  • Yes it is possible

    We have been thought to be peaceful and nice from a young age, this stuck with us till we were thought the reality of how harsh life can be. This reality of harshness was what we made, evil is what we created. We have been thought that every problem has a solution, even if we still do not know what the solution is. If we could find a way to end hate and find love and peace at least within ourselves we could accomplish world peace. We humans created hate and suffering, and although it is in our nature we can learn how to cope with things better to make this world better.

  • It's simply simple

    We are imperfect people trying to achieve a perfect peace. Its not possible. Also people believe in different core values of right and wrong, As long as there is disagreement there will be conflicts, Military or not, It will not be peace.

    I'm actually optimistic about life in general, Just a realist too. ;)

  • Only if all humanity ceases to exist.

    While we are slowly edging towards peace, With violence overall decreasing, We are also becoming more divided. Our only hope is that the advancement of technology results in wars being more targeted (such as precision drone strikes) and keeps innocent civilians out of them. Other than that, Our divisions will continue to breed war.

  • No, too many different ideologies.

    Everyone thinks differently. Too many religions, ethnicities, genders. There's been so much change brought into our world in such little time that we've barely caught our breathe to even try to adapt to it. So no, at this point in time and for a very long time. I don't think it'll happen.

  • Human Nature is Violence

    In a Utopian society, world peace seams like it could be very simple, but throughout history, it is seen that someone along the way will have an urge to change the status quo. In order to help all of the poor, the rich will have to suffer. Those who are poor are already resorting to crime and violence. This is aside from the fact that there are places like North Korea or some groups in the Middle East that have vendettas out for many different parties.

  • No, not in my liftetime.

    This world will never see peace because it is not obtainable in physical form. I believe that true peace is available in another place, another world. But here on this planet, we are doomed for a life of violence, fear, and regret, and we must choose to avoid those to find peace elsewhere.

  • No, world peace is not possible.

    I do not believe world peace will ever be possible. I think that the idea that every body on earth will be at peace with each other is not realistic. Nations and countries all over the planet Earth will always have problems and issues with each other. War will always be a part of our history.

  • not at all

    No, i do not think that we will ever find a point where we do not have any trouble going on in the world between two sets of races. I think that all across the world there will always be a whole lot of racism that is going on everwhere.

  • I Doubt It

    I believe the world is bound to experience times when most things are peaceful and at the same time it is bound to experience times when most things are violent. I don't think there will ever be a given time where there is total peace and I don't think there will ever be a time when there's total violence. Assuming one is possible also assumes the other is possible.

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