• It only makes sense.

    Pre-destination doesn't make very much sense. God is infinite love and he invites every single one of us to share in this love. So how is this love really love at all if he creates some of us to be murderers, rapists, and child molesters who reject his love not by choice but by destiny? It isn't love at all. These people don't get opportunity to choose love, which would mean his love is finite. So therefore, knowing that God's love is infinite and not finite, pre-destination can't be a reality.

  • I like to think that we do

    I don't really like the idea of pre-determined destinies I like to think we are born with a rough outline of who we are but what we go through, who teaches us and what we do shape who we Are. Destiny is boring and I don;t like the fact that we cannot make an impact.

  • We do have control over our life

    Of course things happen for what seems like no reason and unexpectedly but how does that control your life? What controls it is what YOU decide to do when those things happen. About Humblemore, murder can be controlled and uncontrolled. It can be controlled by if you know that person and what you have said to them and what you have done to them to decide their actions to you. It can be uncontrolled by mental reasons or just for some reason a person kills someone they do not know and have never seen before.

  • At least I think so

    I am not 100% certain that I have complete control over my life, but I at least believe I do. Everything could have a predetermined future from the movement of particles, or even there could be several universes for each possible outcome, but as far as I can perceive I have a will to control myself and my surrounding environment. Simply thinking a certain way can affect the cells in your brain.

  • Only partial control.

    If we would have control over our lives we also had to have perfect control the lives of everyone else: as well as controlling every possible thing around us.

    We can guide the general direction our lives head into, but because we are social beings that live in connection to so many other living things and have our lives dictated by so many other events caused by other beings we cannot tell precisely what will happen, who you will, if you'll have a job tomorrow, if your significant other will still love you after a year and so on and so forth. We control the direction of our lives, but saying we control our lives is simplification at best.

  • Of ourse NOT!

    All the more reasons to put our trust in God. We instinctually know we dont have much control over our destiny. We cant become what we want when we want to. We can set as many long term goals as we want, most of the time we don't end up where we thought we one day would. Unless we allow ourselves to be guided by the creative mind behind it all, our lives become a lie and a failure.

  • We really don't

    Think about it, between your parents and your friends, you're always vying for someone else's approval. Trying to impress others at the expense of even your spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being. Not only that but the world revolves around money and the acquisition of it.

    "Go to school, get a job, get a car, get married, have kids, retire, die." This is the formula pretty much every human being follows that according to society is how you are considered successful. You're not even allowed to pursue your own path, you have to follow this formula.

  • If you think you do, you are ignorant

    First point of proof: Russians and Chinese Nuke us, we're all dead
    Second: You get mugged
    Third: You get mugged and shot dead
    Fourth: A meteor crashes into earth

    You can control a small section of your life, like say, what you want to eat for breakfast. Predestination is only a pretty word that you can apply to other pretty words like "randomness". The bottom line is, you never know what tomorrow will bring.

  • Physics and Chemistry are predictable

    If you can predict chemical reactions and physical phenomena, you can also predict what's happening in a human brain, and because of that, you cannot actually control yourself, as you are the product of synapses, that follow the laws of nature, and can be predicted, therefore, you are also predictable.

  • I do not believe we as humans that we have complete control over our lives.

    We have to be made to pay for the things we want or need because we can't take what we want or need. It sure would be nice if we could live for free wouldn't it? Everything we do is being monitored we are not at all alone ever because we never have had and never will have a right to privacy. Every single day we have to wake up to go to work because we belong to others. Even "Menaces to Society" have to wake up and go to work because they also belong to others. No human don't matter if they are rich or poor none of them are free they are all slaves. We all do what we must do because we do not really have much of a choice in the matter. Every one of us is under a "System of Control" and we have no choice but to embrace this reality. The truth hurts doesn't it?

  • We do not have complete control over our own lives.

    By saying that you control everything in your life, like -oculus_de_logica- said, you'd have control over everyone's life. Let's say a man wants you dead. He will try to kill you and if you do control everything in your life, you'll just go " Nope, ain't gonna kill me now." Therefore, controlling his life. But if he does kill you, then it means that you cannot have full control of your life. Murder is the perfect example of uncontrollable events. So is the punishment received for this crime. The murdered will not decide his punishment, the Jury and Judge will.

  • Its all chemicals man.

    You don't actually do anything. Your brain receives several neural stimuli from respective parts of your body. Your brain than sends whatever appropriate signals to the rest of your body via chemical release and electricity. This, by the way, is done subconsciously. The conscious is "created" after the fact. What we perceive to be reality is in actuality the greatest illusion our mind played on us since ages ago. It does this to survive and this specific mindset is why we have succeeded as a species above all the rest.

  • Overall we don't.

    We get to make decisions, that effect what we do, but legally, biologically, and many other things we have to do, and we don't really have a full say in it. Children HAVE to go to school. Everyone has to follow laws even if they don't believe in them. If they don't they pay a price and then they lose even more control over their lives.

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Zac101 says2014-04-24T13:07:05.463
I hope that is what you meant...Or do you mean a psychological control? Lol as In "I am where I want to be"