Do you believe young girls can find decent role models in the music industry?

  • It's possible to find decent role models but it isn't easy.

    The kind of female performer in the music industry most likely to gather praise and attention, even commercial success is the kind that is willing to show a lot of skin or dance and perform in a hyper-sexualized manner. This is the message that young girls receive every time they watch a video almost. There are exceptions but these artist are a minority. Parents will have to be extra careful about letting their children consume such media.

  • There are many women role models they can follow

    The best musicians are the one who go against societies norms. These musicians who have probably been told their whole lives that they will never make it. These musicians are also the ones that call society's bluff, that we just have to follow the herd. Without these type of musicians the world would be worse. These are the types of role models young girls should find, and they do not have to be main stream artists. They do not even have to be famous.

  • Yes they can

    There are a lot of women in the music industry that have positivity through their music. I can name a few of them Dolly Parton is a good one, so is Reba McIntytre, India Arie are all ones that stay out of trouble and the spot light. They are bright and successful women with positivity.

  • Yes, girls can find decent role models in the music industry.

    I believe that young girls can find decent role models in the music industry. While the most popular girls in the music industry right now like Miley Cyrus aren't the best role models for young girls, there are a lot of singers out there that are more sound in character. I think young girls should just stay away from the mainstream.

  • No they cannot!

    In today's society, Country music thrives only with men singers. Carry Underwood is a big hit, but her time is closing in. What gets women famous in today's age of social media is to make headlines. People want to see everything your body has to offer, or see how far you will push the limits. Look at Miley Cyrus, she had a decent career, but in order to get famous she ruined her image. That is what our society idolizes. We love sex, money, drugs, and devalue people with principles. In a few years there will be no morally sound individuals in the limelight. How in the world could Miley Cyrus be a good role model? Also, every major woman in the music industry is starting to follow that trend. Ariana Grande is singing songs about sex. Nicki is too. Miley is too. Selena is too. Even country stars are! If young women need a role model, their parents should be that role model. They should set examples and adore their children to reinforce the point that a good role model is someone who walks the line and has morals. The music industry lacks that for the most part...

  • No they are not good role models

    Their lifestyles are unattainable. Even if we put aside all of the morality issues that we
    may disagree with, we have to look at the type of lifestyle they are
    "advertising," which is one of excess, with huge mansions, expensive
    cars, and designer goods. These things will be unattainable for the
    typical person, so children should not be encouraged to look up to them,
    but rather to people who value the important things in life and who
    encourage things we want them to emulate.

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