Do you believe Yvonne Ridley was brainwashed when she was captured by the Taliban?

  • I find this woman utterly vile

    I recently watched one of her speeches. The amount of praise she had for the taliban was unreal and got extremely boring. She just did not shut up about how respectful they were, how "gorgeous" her initial captor was (?!?!?!) and how well they treat women! Righty-ho then love! She's publicly slated british muslims for being proud to be British and when asked at a question/answer session her views on terrorism she said the only terrorists were westeners. Not to mention her likening fanatics to her quitting smoking; a "struggle"!!!! Hardly the same thing but I guess one can't expect much from a deranged individual

  • Ridley was brainwashed

    Yvonne Ridley was most likely brainwashed when she was captured by the Taliban. That is the only way to explain the comments that were made by her after her capture. She would never make those comments on her own free will. Authorities and the public should know these are common tactics.

  • It is survival.

    Yes, I believe that Yvonne Ridley was brainwashed when she was captured by the Taliban, because that is the only way a person can mentally survive that situation. Ridley suffered from Stockholm syndrome, where she learned to identify with and sympathize with her captors. They brainwashed her into agreeing with their plight.

  • Yvonne Ridley was brainwashed when captured by the Taliban

    Yvonne Ridley was brainwashed when captured by the Taliban. It is very clear that her opinions on Islam and many other things that she was contradicted before, changed to the opposite. After she came back, she criticized the media and west on the war on terror. Yvonne would have faced serious prison or even death from her captors, but instead was released years later and had a total different outview on life.

  • Yes, I believe Yvonne Ridley was brainwashed when she was took captive by the Taliban.

    I believe that any time someone is taken captive by an organization like that brainwashing is something to be expected, these organizations are skilled at taking captives and manipulating them to achieve their purposes and brainwashing is probably one of the more standard tools they use, so I do believe that she was brainwashed when captured by the Taliban.

  • She had the FREEDOM to CHOOSE

    She was only with them for a few weeks and she hadn't read the Quran until AFTER she left them and then it was about 3 years afterwards when she converted. She is not brainwashed - so people should get there facts straight. Islam is the fastest growing religion among educated and middle classes. People shouldn't linger in their ignorance but educate themselves instead - and respect other peoples beliefs.

  • No, because of her journalism background.

    No, Yvonne Ridley was not brainwashed due to her background. As a journalist she is able to research a topic and decipher the outcome with not much influence from others. During her capture she claims to have been able to read the Koran on her own, which allows her to look at the Islamic religion from its true form and not of what it has become by others. Perhaps the surroundings she was in could argue otherwise, but given the fact that she decide outside of being captured says to me no she was not brainwashed.

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