• I know a little bit

    From what I understand he is part of the Star Wars comic book universe. Apparently, he was a business man whose sole motivation in joining the Dark Side was to gain a better understanding of how it worked. Other Sith Lords/Masters have in the past been motivated by personality traits such as greed

  • I do not undertstand Darth Vectivius's background better

    I do not understsand Darth Vectivu's background any better since I missed a great deal of the debate. My confidence in most of the GOP contestants' suitability for presidency is still quite slim. Other than Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, it is hard to pick a suitable representative... and what is this Darth Vectivus'?

  • Darth Vectivus who?

    Do I better understand Darth Vectivus? The answer to this question lies solely on the fact that I have seen the recent Star Wars movie or I am a fan of the Star Wars movement. As I have neither seen the movie nor am I a fan of the Star Wars community, I do not understand Darth Vectivus's background.

  • Darth Vectivus is another mystery for the fan

    I think they Darth Vectivus story could improve with more background from his past, related events that happened before. His actions could well be explained by malice or incompetence, but I'm sure he has more complex feelings behind that we can't always guess by the clues given to us, the audience.

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