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  • Bartman is a Cubs fan. He wanted a souvenir.

    Don't blame a man wearing headphones for trying to catch a souvenir. Blame the 9 men on a baseball field who are dropping balls faster than their fathers. How about the fact Mark Pryor and Sammy Sosa were MVP and Cy Young caliber players and choked in that kind of moment?! Are you telling me you go to a playoff game to watch a baseball used by famous athletes fly in front of your face? If you're in that moment with a baseball 6 inches in front of your face, you come and tell me you would let Alou catch that ball.

  • No, I don't blame him.

    No, I don't blame Steve Bartman for costing the Cubs a World Series win. There are many factors that come into play here. Essentially, one team did better than the other. It's as simple as that. Teams compete. They win, they lose. It's not the fault of any ONE individual when an entire team loses.

  • No, I don't blame Steve Bartman for the Cubs not winning the World Series.

    No, Steve Bartman is not the reason the Cubs didn't win the World Series. The fans of the Cubs have been ridiculous all of these years blaming a fan for them losing instead of the players on the field. In that same game where he interfered, they still could have won that game, and it wasn't the World Series. Steve Bartman has been a scapegoat for the fans because their team hasn't been good enough. When Bartman reached for that foul ball, he wasn't the only fan reaching for it.

  • No, it goes back further

    While I am a believer in the superstitions and curses that come with baseball, Steve Bartman was only a cause from an earlier curse that was placed on the Cubs called the curse of the goat. There was a man that was a long time Cubs fan and when the Cubs were on their way to making the playoffs, the fan got a ticket and when he went to go to the game he brought his pet goat. Security didn't let him take in the goat and after much debate the man left, but not before placing a curse on the Cubs franchise stating they would never win the World Series. The Cubs went on to lose the next seven games and missed the playoffs. Not to mention the Indians are a great ball club, with a phenomenal manager and they are playing in a city that seems to be filled with metaphoric magic.

  • No, not yet.

    The Cubs have not lost the World Series yet. They could still win. Steve Bartman is not doing well against the Indians and it is a good thing he is not attending the game. The Cubs were not in the world series when he caught that ball and changed the outcome.

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