Do you call yourself a modern day (2019) feminist and why?

Asked by: Hamilton456
  • Yum Yum Yum.

    And feminism is a metaphor for all things Sapphic. And girls like pert breasts just as much as men do. So keep those bra's on girls and no big pant's either. Obviously underwear should always be commensurate with body shape.
    Of course fantasies vary greatly, So all sorts of Sapphic action is on the table, Or whatever piece of furniture suits the mood of the moment.
    Bending her over the arm of a sofa and taking her from behind with a large strap on is favourable.
    And no holes barred by today's standards, Either.

  • If by "modern day" you mean third-wave feminism, Then no.

    Feminism is no longer about maintaining equality between both sexes, But establishing a gender monopoly.

    The core of modern-day feminism is irrational and one that justifies women to always be at a disadvantage when compared to their male counterparts. If a woman earns less than a male despite working less hours, Her lesser pay is explained by her gender, Not the fact that she didn't put in nearly the same effort as the male. It ignores reason whilst berating all men as "rapists, Burglars, And murderers" who should all be thrown into jail.

    I may be a male, But even if I wasn't, I will still not become a modern-day feminist.

  • No. Modern day feminism is too radical and is unneeded.

    To clarify, I am an adolescent female.

    Women have equal rights to men in western countries. In terms of pay, In most countries around the world it is illegal to pay women less for the exact same job. The wage gap has been debunked multiple times and doesn't account for hours spent at work or even job type. In these countries women have all the same rights as men. There are some countries in the world where women don't have equal rights as men and this is where I think discussion about equality are needed. I don't like to use the word feminism as it implies that only women can be involved and that women are the only one's who have issues.

    Most feminists support issues that I am in fact against. At feminist marches, They scream "MY BODY MY CHOICE" and most support abortion. This is something I stand strongly against as a pro-life individual (also, I'm an atheist and my parents did not raise me pro-life, I actually decided to become pro-life when I found out the horrors of abortion). I cannot stand with a group of people who think murder is ok. Also, Many feminists support LGBT+ issues which I am ok with. However, I do not support their ideas that it is ok for children to be dressing up in drag and dance at gay bars and that people under the age of 18 should be allowed to transition.

    Many people who identify as feminists are quite radical. At my school, Many of my teachers identify as radical feminists. I was speaking with one of them and these people actually believe that men are the cause of all issues in the world and submit to the whole privilege idea. I cannot agree with this. All of the white males in my family are respectful, Hard-working men who support their family and have strong morals. I can't see how any of them have contributed to the patriarchy or systematic oppression, Where they encourage their daughters to have good careers and don't treat their wife as anything less than them.

    Feminists expect all women to want to work in science and maths careers although that it not what most women are naturally inclined to. Feminism is supposed to be about choice but they shame stay-at-home mums. My personal aspiration in life is to have children and feminists would find that wrong. I can't submit to an ideology that is so blatantly hypocritical.

    You cannot simply ignore that there are inequality issues in the world. However in western countries such as the US, The UK, Australia, Canada and so on, There is nothing to complain about. Instead of complaining about how Trump is anti-woman whilst they vote for the wife of a rapist, They should be helping girls in developing countries tries who don't get an education to have the same opportunities that they do.

  • They don't fight anything anymore.

    2ed wave feminist, Of course! 1st wave feminist, Heck yeah! But 3ed wave feminist, No. They have what they want, Equal rights. After getting what they wanted, You'd think they'd settle down. But now their asking for more then half the cake. I can't side with a movement that dose that.

    To be a feminist you also sign yourself up for more then just "equal" rights. You sign you support for Black Lives Matter (witch I'm still on the fence about), LBGTQ. . . . . . (I'm not really for it, But I'm not against it, Just neutral). At so many of their rallies they have mixed messages, Some even bashing men (mostly white men). That doesn't sound like equality to me, Sounds like over powering.

    I'm not saying I'm against equal rights between men and women (I am a women). I totally for it, But feminism is forgetting the men half.

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