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  • No, it's only a friendly

    There's no prize for winning the match other then maybe some FIFA world ranking points which are not worth much. These two teams don't exactly have a fierce rivalry either and it's during the league season so a lot of the better players will be rested or not give a 100% effort.

  • I am not interested in the Mexico vs. Netherlands soccer game.

    I am not interested in the Mexico vs. Netherlands soccer game. Not an avid soccer fan, the game does not intrigue me. I have watched soccer in the past, mainly during the World Cup finals, but during the regular season I tend to lose interest. With so many other sports that are active during this time, soccer is not a top priority.

  • No, I couldn't care less about the Mexico vs. Netherlands soccer game.

    In many ways it is very striking to consider the gains that soccer has made as a professional sport in the US over the last few decades. Few could have predicted that the World Cup would have had such a large viewership here in the US. While I'm on board with this trend in theory, in practice every time I try and watch a soccer game, I find myself wondering whether there isn't a football or basketball game on another channel that I could watch instead.

  • No, I Don't

    I am not a person that watches much of any sport on TV. I watch football because it is something we do on Sunday's and it is kind of a family thing, but I couldn't care less about soccer. It certainly doesn't matter to me who wins between Mexico and the Netherlands.

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