• There has been nothing like them in history.

    Books are just words on a page. Board games are moving pieces around on a board. Film and TV are sound (including voices) over pictures. Comic books are words scattered among pictures. None comes even close to this: moving a character across scrolling backgrounds and having that character do actions, with melodic music and sound effects playing and text popping up when interacting with other characters. Video games are so elaborate compared to other media that it takes a much longer description to do it justice, and one that's invariably terribly hackneyed. They have a record four aspects to enjoy: graphics, music, gameplay and storyline. What's more, I believe those are all the aspects one can enjoy about media. Books have only storyline, board games only gameplay, visual art only graphics, musical pieces only music, comics only graphics and storyline, radio only music and storyline, silent film only graphics and music, talkies only graphics, music and storyline, text adventures only gameplay and storyline. But video games have all four that ever appear. What a piece of work.

  • Yes i do

    Well with the development of video games, it's hard to put this but... They put video games with advanced visualisation to help people with dimensha in nursing homes so they have a clearer memory of things and stuff it really helps Australia. Thank you for reading this. Video games really do help

  • Video games are both art and science

    Video games are one of the most advanced cultural achievements of mankind.

    They feature and combine art from multiple disciplines: Design, Visual arts, Music, Interactive storytelling, Directing, Writing, Acting, etc. They're also a science; even simple games are more technically complex than people realize. And I'm not just talking about making the most out of hardware limitations - which in itself is a challenge - there's lots and lots of math involved, but also less mathematical areas such as psychology.

    People who haven't worked in making games simply don't appreciate the vast amount of work and effort that goes into them.

    Moreover, the bigger productions help drive computing and technology forward, as better graphics demand more and more advanced hardware. There's a lot of scientific research that goes on behind the scenes because of video games, and this is later applied to other aspects of our lives. We wouldn't have reached a technological level nearly this high if it weren't for video games.

    It's understandable if you don't enjoy playing games. But, even if you have never played a game you cannot deny how they completely changed the world as we know it and how they still affect your personal life in a great degree.

  • Why Not, People?

    Personally, I think video games are a great way to have fun while socializing at the same time. Kids are being born into a society where techno, computers, iPods, and such are considered a necessity. Hey, everybody knows what mimicry is, right? It's no wonder that kids follow in that lead, and play video games. Why not let kids play?

  • Yes, I do.

    Although this is truly an opinion thing, where there cannot be argued, my opinion really is that I care for video games.

    Not only have they taught me quite a bit (for example, counting video games as a kid to current historical-themed games), but also they helped me socialise. Online gaming has been quite fun with both strangers and real life friends.

    But those are side reasons why i would care for them. I love them simply because they are fun, an excellent way to amuse yourself when you take a break. They take you to another world, where you don't have to think about anything else.

    Now, you either like it or not, but I love it and began to care alot about my daily video-game time. It has become the part of the day I look forward too, and I'll be upset if it is taken away from me.
    Video games might not be my life, but they most certa

  • Unless it's chess

    Most of them are stupid. They're depressing. I don't play video games at all for that reason. I used to like playing video games, but most of them got lonely for me. I hate it. My father doesn't play video games anymore, probably for that reason too. We both got depressed from it, I suppose.

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